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Here function (y) = tan (x) comprises vertical asymptotes at \[\pm \frac{(2n+1)\pi }{2}\]. Hence, for - y = f(x) = tan (x).

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1. Mathematics is complicated for me. What should I do?

Mathematics is easy after getting thorough hold over concepts and applying them regularly in problems and daily life. Mathematics is not something you memorize and produce as it is in the examination. Only through interactive learning and frequent problem solving, you can achieve mastery over a seemingly tricky but easy subject like mathematics. There is no need to worry and step back. Instead, believe in yourself and Vedantu and cultivate a sense of interest in understanding mathematics and leaving the rest to us. We will start with basic concepts like Arithmetic, algebra, numbers and gradually take it to the next level. Regular assessments in the form of tests, revision workshops and practice exercise will boost your confidence.

2. How essential is mathematics as a subject in life?

Starting from your early schooling to job interviews, mathematics holds a unique stature in accessing an individual's foundation and temperament. Hence, it is essential to make your basics crystal clear to face no problems later in your life. A firm hold over mathematics helps you in acing almost every exam in your life, especially those that test your aptitude skills.

3. Where should I start if I want to develop a strong foundation in Maths?

If you want to develop a strong foundation in mathematics, Vedantu’s e-learning platform is a treasure for you. The interactive videos in the forum are concept-oriented and the questions that follow in our quizzes will surely help you immensely. If you have any other queries or you want to know in detail, contact Vedantu support. Vedantu support will help you in every possible way to achieve your desired goals.

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