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Fun Way to Teach Equal Sharing for Kids

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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What is Equal?

The division produces identical components. A component, division, section, or segment of a whole that is the same. We acquire equal shares when we divide the entire or a set of things into equal pieces. To distribute an object or a full number evenly, we must split it into equal pieces. In terms of weight, volume, size, and numbers, these equal portions must be identical.

We know how many people will be separated and how many groups will be formed, but we don't know how big each group will be. We know how many people will be separated and how big each group will be, but we don't know how many groups will be formed. Each share or group has the same amount of objects when shares are equal. Creating equal shares may be done in a variety of ways, depending on how many shares or pieces we wish to make.

What is Equal Sharing?

Shapes and things can be divided into equal groups or portions. When we split anything equitably, all of the pieces must have the same precise size. This indicates that the components are equal. It is unequal if the pieces are not the same size. A collection of items is divided into equal parts:

For instance, ten kites can be evenly distributed as follows:

 15 sweets equally divided into 3 girls and each girl has 5 sweets.

There are 15 sweets.

There are 3 girls.

Each girl has 5 sweets each.

3 girls with 5 equal sweets = 15 sweets

Equal Share and Unequal Share

We can also divide a whole into equal portions to produce equal shares of it.

To achieve equal shares, a whole might be divided horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Dividing a pizza or a cake into equal slices is an example of dividing an object into equal parts.

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Fun Facts

  • When equal portions are joined together, we obtain the total.

  • Equal shares can be used to evenly divide a single object or a collection of objects.

  • An equal share can occasionally result in a fraction.


Portions that are exactly the same size are referred to as equal parts. They do not, however, have to have the same form. We are introduced to the concept of halves. We can use unit squares to demonstrate how equal parts may be divided in several ways, like how a complete pizza may be split into equal portions or equal groupings or pieces of shapes and items can be separated. Also, remember that when we divide anything evenly, all of the pieces must have the exact same proportion.

FAQs on Fun Way to Teach Equal Sharing for Kids

1. What does it mean to have equal portions of a shape?

When a form is divided into two equal parts, each part is referred to as halves. Half of the form is represented by one of the shares. The shares can be characterised as thirds when a form is divided into three equal halves.

2. What are children's equal groups?

These are groups with the same number of equivalent items. For example, there are two boys each in a group of five, for a total of ten boys.