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MCQ Questions For Class 9 Maths Number System

The number system is the first chapter of Class 9 Maths according to the new syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Students should practice different types of questions from this chapter as the topic consists of questions related to various other chapters like rational numbers, natural numbers, whole numbers, real numbers, etc. MCQ questions are mainly asked from the topic of the number system in examinations, so students should mainly practice MCQ type questions. Solving different types of questions gives the students an idea of the type and difficulty level of the problems going to come in the examinations. Solving MCQ questions also boosts the confidence of class 9 students.

Class 9 Maths Number System

Class 9 Maths syllabus includes some introductory chapters of different mathematical branches. The branches are alright, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc. Chapter 1 of the Class 9 Maths syllabus is one of the most important chapters of arithmetic. This chapter is all about the number system. The students should learn the number system correctly for their future convenience. The number system is one of the most important introductory topics of mathematics. To learn this subject with concrete primary knowledge the students should read this chapter carefully. They should solve various mathematical problems on their own on this topic. It will help the students to be more efficient and confident.

Why Solve MCQ Questions for Class 9 Maths Number Systems with Answers?

Practising MCQ questions for Class 9 Maths number systems with answers has a lot of benefits which are as follows:

  • The students will get to know about the different types of questions asked from the chapter which include various other topics like the rational number, whole number, real number, etc through MCQ based questions.

  • The MCQ questions include both short and long type questions, which means that it can be both objectives or the student might do calculations to find out the answer.

  • The MCQ questions for Class 9 Maths Number Systems with answers also help students in revising the chapter after completing the syllabus and get a better knowledge of the question types going to come in the examination.

  • The questions have detailed explanations with proper guidance with it so that the students understand the concept in a better way.

  • The Class 9 Number System MCQ questions cover the entire chapter in a proper way.

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Solved Examples

Following are some MCQ questions for class 9 maths number Systems with answers. Each question consists of 4 options, out of which one is correct.

1. Write three rational numbers between 4 and 5?

  1. 12 / 6, 13 / 6, 14 / 6

  2. 12 / 7, 13 / 7, 14 / 7

  3. 17 / 4, 18 / 4, 19 / 4

  4. 17 / 2, 18 / 13, 19 / 23


There are several rational numbers between 4 and 5.

The numbers are between 16/4 and 20/4.

Therefore, the answer is c, that is, 17 / 4, 18 / 4, 19 / 4.

2. 4√6 + 7√6 is equal to:

  1. 10√6

  2. 11√6

  3. 4√12

  4. 8√12


The answer is b.

4√6 + 7√6 = (4 + 7) √6 = 11√6.

3. √6 x √36 is equal to:

  1. 6√6

  2. 8√6

  3. 2√2

  4. 3√3


The answer is a.

√6 x √36 = √ (6 x 36) = √ (2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2) = (3 x 2) √ (3 x 2) = 6√6

4. Which of the following is equal to x3?

  1. x8 – x5

  2. x8.x5

  3. x7/x4

  4. (x8)3

The answer is c.

Since, x7/x4 = x7 – 4 = x3

5. (-7 + 4√7 - 3√7) is

  1. A positive number which is rational.

  2. A number which is irrational.

  3. A negative number which is rational.

  4. A number equal to zero.


The answer to the problem is -7 + √7, which is an irrational number. 


6. (√12 + √10 - √2) is

  1. A positive number which is rational.

  2. A number equal to zero.

  3. A number which is irrational.

  4. an integer which is negative.



The answer is a number, which is an irrational number.

7. A rational number is given as -6 / 8. This rational number can also be known as

  1. A natural number.

  2. A whole number.

  3. A fraction.

  4. A real number.



The rational number can also be said to be a real number.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why Practising MCQ Questions for Class 9 Maths NCERT Chapter 1 is Crucial?

Answer: Mathematics is a vital subject for Class 9 students. If they want to score well in their final exam, they must read this subject sincerely. After completing the maths syllabus, they have to solve different mathematical questions and practice them repeatedly. The students should solve and practice different question sets. Practising MCQ questions for Class 9 Maths Ncert Chapter 1 is important as the concepts used in the chapter are vital to understanding for prospects. They will have a clear understanding of the chapter after practising MCQ questions of this chapter. By practising MCQ, they will be more efficient in solving mathematical questions quickly.

Q2. How to Give the Number System Class 9 Online Test?

Answer: After completing the Maths syllabus, practising the chapters is an essential part of exam preparation. The students should solve different mathematics questions on their own for better practice. They can appear in several online tests to check their preparation level. Also, they will be prepared for the actual exam hall environment. By giving online tests, the students will get to know the exam pattern and will know about their condition. They can gain confidence after knowing the result of the online test. That is why they should appear in different online mock tests. Several online tests are running on different educational websites. They can join any of those tests at their convenience.