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Different Types of Shapes for Kids

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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What are Shapes in Maths?

Everywhere we see objects of different shapes and each shape holds significance and certain properties. So, if you look at a chocolate box, it looks like a rectangle and each piece of chocolate seems square in shape. So, what properties does each shape have and how do identify each shape and distinguish between these shapes, this is a major concern.

Now, let us go through various shapes and understand tips to distinguish between them with the help of properties.

Different Shapes for Kids


Name of the Shape




A shape having three sides or edges.

Other thighs about a triangle:

There are three types of triangles:

  • A triangle having its all sides equal is called an equilateral triangle.

  • A triangle having its two sides equal is called an isosceles triangle.

However, a triangle shown below has one side standing straight over the other side, in this case, two sides are equal and we call such a triangle a right-angled isosceles triangle.



All four sides equal



Two parallel sides are equal to each other and the other two parallel sides are equal to each other.



No sides

Have a radius



It has four sides just like a square

Heart shape

Heart shape

A heart shape with no sides



The left-headed arrow

A star

A star

Various Geometric Shapes

Different shapes for Kids

Image: Different shapes for Kids

We study shapes like squares, rectangles, and a circle. Now, let us understand other shapes in Maths:


The word “Penta” means five. It is a shape having five sides.


Just like the pentagon, the hexagon has the word “Hexa” which means six. Therefore, this shape gets an additional side, which means six sides.


The word “Octa” means eight. It means Octagon is a shape having eight sides.


A cone is like a triangle but it is different from a triangle by its shape.

So, these were some of the different shapes for kids, and enhancing the abilities of preschool kids is easier when they are shown images or objects because they have free minds and can grasp everything at a pace. It’s better to do this at an early age so that your child develops the ability to recognise basic shapes.

FAQs on Different Types of Shapes for Kids

1. How teaching shapes to kids is one of the interesting activities to do?

Kids have a free mind and they dynamically grasp everything and these dynamic abilities are enhanced by their observation skills. However, teachers need to follow a step-by-step easy approach while teaching preschool kids. Basic shapes and colours leave a long-lasting impression on children. They try to comprehend their atmosphere by observing the different objects around them. 

All kinds of objects and structures help kids in understanding shapes. As a teacher, one should introduce different shapes to a class at the very start of their studies. There are various shape activities in kindergarten that help preschool kids learn and understand fundamental shapes.

2. What are the various ways of teaching shapes to kids?

It is important to understand the methods that can be employed to teach shapes to kids. In the list below, you can find various ways to teach the same:

  1. Visual Information

  2. Sign and symbols

  3. Alphabets and numbers

  4. Mathematical concepts

  5. Categorization and comparison 

  6. Problem-solving

  7. Symmetry