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MCQ on Graph Theory with Answers

When it comes to education, we have numerous subjects to learn and appear to examine. Out of all the subjects, mathematics is one that most of the students find difficult. But the pattern in which it is designed for students makes this subject much easier. From class 1 to class 7, students understand the basic concepts and skills of mathematics, which can be used in further higher classes. They learn everything from scratch.

Finally, the class 8 mathematics syllabus is designed in a manner to recapitulate all the learned ideas and concepts in the past classes. Class 8 consists of 16 chapters of different topics and concepts.

Introduction to Graphs

Out of all these chapters, “Introduction to Graphs” is completely a new and fun way of learning higher mathematics for the students. This concept includes the representation of bulky data and information into manageable graphs like line graphs, bar graphs, etc. This chapter is very important to gain mental and logical ability to handle difficult cases in the arrangement of data.

Although many students neglect this chapter, the examination weightage of this chapter is quite significant and remarkable. To score full marks in Introduction to graphs, first of all, you must understand the type and pattern of questions that drop into the examination. 

Questions are generally MCQs on graph theory with answers, answers in a sense, you have to choose the correct one out of four. And out of all the multiple-choice questions, most students made mistakes in Introduction to Graphs class 8 MCQs because they always miss this chapter considering it only meant for five marks questions of plotting graphs and hence forgot about MCQs.

There are several important concepts that you have to prepare for scoring full marks in this lesson.

What are the Graphs?

Graphs are the visual or 2D or 3D representation of a given data or information prepared with different bars or lines or points on a sheet of paper. These graphs generally are used for comparing different business situations or fall and rise in goods in markets, etc.

What are the Different Types of Graphs?

There are different types of graphs in the syllabus of class 8 like:

  • Bar graphs

  • Pie charts

  • Histograms

  • Double bar graphs

  • Line graphs, etc

You may be asked questions in the form of graph representation as MCQs also. So, always have a clear understanding of graphs.

About Linear Graphs

Questions from this area are generally asked in the five marks section. Graph questions for grade 8 are maximum from this part of the chapter.

Graph Theory

MCQs on graph theory with answers are given and asked from this concept and are easy to attempt if understood well. You have to have a complete idea about dependent and independent variables and the role of the x-axis and y-axis. The dependent variable is placed on the y-axis(vertical), and the independent variable is on the x-axis(horizontal).

Important Example Question In CLASS 8 MATHEMATICS Introduction to Graphs - MCQs

Q1. Which Form of Graph is Used to Compare Parts of a Whole?

A. Pie graph

B. Bar graph

C. Histogram

Answer: Option B – Pie Graph

Q2. Which Type of Graph Represents Data that Changes Continuously Over a Course of Time?

A. Bar graph

B. Line graph

C. Pie graph

Answer: Option B – Line Graph

Q3. What Does a Graph Represent by Connecting Point (–1, –1), (0, 0) and (3, 3)

A.   A triangle

B.   A straight line not crossing across origin.

C.   a straight line crossing across origin

Answer: Option C - a straight line crossing across origin


Q4. What is the Point that Lies in the 3rd Quadrant Called?

A. (5, 5)

B. (5, -5)

C. (-5, -5)

Answer: Option C (-5, -5)


Q5. What is the Point that Represents the X-axis Called?

A. x = 0

B. y= 0

C. x = y

Answer: Option B; Y = 0

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Which Class 8 Mathematics Chapters are Available for Learning at Vedantu?

Answer: You will find the following chapters for free download at Vedantu: 

  1. Rational Numbers

  2. Linear Equations in One Variable

  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals

  4. Practical Geometry

  5. Data Handling

  6. Squares and Square Roots

  7. Cubes and Cube Roots

  8. Comparing Quantities

  9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities

  10. Visualizing solid shapes

  11. Mensuration

  12. Exponents and Powers

  13. Direct and Inverse Proportions

  14. Factorization

  15. Introduction to Graphs

  16. Playing with Numbers

Q2. How to Prepare for MCQs on Graph Theory with Correct Answers?

Answer: The answer is simple. Focus on all the highlights of the chapter. Solve all the exercises and examples given in the book, along with supplementary and additional exercises. You can also refer to reference books like RD SHARMA, RS AGRAWAL, etc. to practice different patterns of questions. These books have everything starting from written theories about topics in this chapter to MCQs on graph theory with answers. It will help you to go through different levels of questions as easy, medium, and hard.

Preparation shows your potential for success, maybe an examination of class 8 or life. Never try to skip any part of your studies and chapter, above than examination, these things are taught to score in life as well. If you score full in Introduction to Graphs, then you should follow the tips and tricks explained above. This will help you a lot.