Cubes And Cube Roots MCQs

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MCQ On Cube And Cube Roots For Class 8

Class 8 mathematics is a crucial subject that you might need to study with proper assistance. You need to go to tutors, pay attention at school and do everything possible to get good marks in the examination.

One such chapter in Class 8 mathematics is Cubes and Cube Roots. This chapter is the boss level for the 8th standard students. There are many formulations that one must try and implement for finding the right answers to the questions asked from the chapter.

In this article, you will know about some of the core formulations of the chapter Cubes and Cube Roots.

Real Life Use of Cubes And Cube Roots

Every mathematics chapter is a fundamental theory that has been proved mathematically. Here are some details associated with the importance and application of cubes and cube roots.

This chapter is a fundamental theory that is proved with practical formulations. For instance, if a kid wants to count the number of cans stored that can be stored inside a cube-shaped box, then the cube root of the volume can get him/her the right answer. To make it easy to understand, cube root is the inverse procedure of finding the cube. You just have to reverse the finding method to get your cube root value. It will help you to get through class 8 maths chapter 7 cubes and cube roots MCQs.

Difference Between Square Root And Cube Root

When you multiply the number two times, it is stated as square root, and when you do it three times, it is termed to be as cube root. Hence, this is the difference between these two important chapters of class 8 mathematics.

Perfect Cube

Perfect cube resembles the whole number or integer as the ultimate cube root. For better clarity on understanding, the cube root value that does not have any decimal units is known as the perfect cube. For instance, 2 are the cube root of 8, hence 8 is the perfect cube.

Volume of A Cube

The volume of a cube has a specific formula, a3. The variable 'a' is the uniform sides of the cube. Here length is equal to the breadth, and both are equal to the height. Therefore, l=b=h is termed as 'a' in the formula. Hence, a3 is the volume of the cube. For instance, if all side of the cube is 5 cm then 5*5*5= 125 cm3.

How to Find A Cube Root of A Given Cube Number?

You need to follow certain specified steps to find the accurate cube root of the given cube value. As you know, the values multiplied three times with itself is called a cube. Cube root is the inverted figure that you need to derive whenever you get a question in your exams or test while you are in class 8. 

Follow These Steps Precisely:

  • Pick the given number for which you need to find the cube root. Make groups of three digits starting from the right side of the given number.

  • Find the single one's unit from the first group, which will be the first part of the required cube root. For instance, the one's digit for the cube root of 53 is 3.

  • Now take the second group and apply the formula to find the two closest cubes within which the group value lies.

  • Now take the one's place of the extracted final number as the ten's position in the final cube root. Hence, you are ready to appear the questions for MCQ of ncert class 8 maths cubes and cube roots.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can my child prepare for MCQs on cubes and cube roots?

Cube roots and cubes is a vast chapter that will have more chapters in further standards. But for now, while the kids are in class 8, these few details will help them clear the MCQs on cube and cube roots for class 8. All schools are putting more focus on children to learn this 7th chapter well to master the fundamentals. As a result, good marks are awaiting your path.

2. What do we understand by a cube?

If a number is raised with thrice of its value, then it is named as 'cube'. For instance, X*X*X is termed as X^3. The cube root value is X here while the number for which the cube root is found raises the value of X to the power 3. The complexity of this section in MCQ of ncert class 8 maths chapter 7 cubes and cube roots might differ.

3. What is required to make a perfect cube?

For making an output as a perfect cube, finding the smallest possible divisible or multiplying natural number is essential.

4. What is a cube root?

A cube root of any number is a simple multiplication of the number three times to itself. A cube of the whole number is known as a perfect cube.