NCERT Solutions for Class 4

Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English, EVS & Hindi

The fourth standard examination is a crucial one for students. It essentially decides whether students are ready to be promoted to high school. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for them to prepare well for every subject like Maths, English, Hindi and EVS. Our Class 4 NCERT solutions are designed in a way to help ensure that they understand each topic in-depth and know how to frame answers properly for every question.

These CBSE NCERT solutions are compiled by our subject experts, who take special care to make sure that every aspect of each chapter is covered. Step-by-step answers to every question are provided in the Class 4 NCERT solutions. Thus, going through these NCERT solutions online gives students comprehensive knowledge about how to answer the questions in their exams.

Additionally, the facility of NCERT solutions download gives pupils the benefit of accessing these solutions from anywhere they want. They can thus study even when they are on the move, without remaining confined inside their house.

These NCERT solutions PDF can be downloaded free of cost without any hassle of registration. Below is the syllabus for each of the four subjects in class 4 and how the class 4 NCERT solutions can help students to understand them properly. 


Maths is the first major subject to be included in the free download PDF of NCERT books. The class IV maths syllabus introduces students to topics like measurements, distance calculations, geometrical shapes like circles, bricks, etc. Each chapter brings several exercises which help them to develop their concepts of the subject. If he/she refers to the NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 for maths, one will be able to solve the exercises easily.

Following are the chapters for which students can avail the free NCERT solution for Class 4:

Chapter 1 - Building with Bricks

Chapter 2 - Long and Short

Chapter 3 - A Trip to Bhopal

Chapter 4 – Tick-Tick-Tick

Chapter 5 - The Way the World Looks

Chapter 6 - The Junk Seller

Chapter 7 - Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 8 - Carts and wheels

Chapter 9 - Halves and Quarters

Chapter 10 - Play with Patterns

Chapter 11 - Tables and Shares

Chapter 12 - How Heavy? How Light?

Chapter 13 - Fields and Fences

Chapter 14 - Smart Charts

Environmental Studies (EVS)

EVS is one of the most important subjects today which can help students develop awareness about the Earth. Additionally, this subject covers topics like the importance of water, conservation of various plants and trees, our environment, etc. It also has fun chapters where students can explore topics like different spices in India, the concept of langars, learn about various birds, insects, etc. After going through the chapters, refer to the CBSE NCERT solutions Class 4 to understand how to frame the answers to each question. 

Before downloading the NCERT solutions online, take a look at the chapters below:

Chapter 1 – Going To School

Chapter 2 – Ear To Ear

Chapter 3 – A Day With Nandu

Chapter 4 – The Story Of Amrita

Chapter 5 – Anita And The Honeybees

Chapter 6 – Omana Journey

Chapter 7 – From The Window

Chapter 8 - Reaching Grandmother’s House

Chapter 9 - Changing Families

Chapter 10 - Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu

Chapter 11 - The Valley of Flowers

Chapter 12 - Changing Times

Chapter 13 - A River’s Tale

Chapter 14 - Basva’s Farm

Chapter 15 - From Market to Home

Chapter 16 - A Busy Month

Chapter 17 - Nandita in Mumbai

Chapter 18 - Too Much Water, Too Little Water

Chapter 19 - Abdul in the Garden

Chapter 20 - Eating Together

Chapter 21 - Food and Fun

Chapter 22 - The World in my Home

Chapter 23 - Pochampalli

Chapter 24 - Home and Abroad

Chapter 25 - Spicy Riddles

Chapter 26 - Defence Officer: Wahida

Chapter 27 - Chuskit Goes to School


English is taught as the first language in every school affiliated to the CBSE board. To perform well in an examination, students need to develop both their English reading and writing skills. The NCERT Class 4 solutions of English books have ten units, each consisting of a couple of chapters. 

After going through each chapter, if they refer to the Class 4 NCERT solutions, they will be able to develop both grammatical and comprehensive skills in the subject. 

Following are the chapters included in the latest NCERT solutions Class 4:

Unit 1:

Wake Up!

Neha’s Alarm Clock

Unit 2:


The Little Fir Tree

Unit 3:


Nasruddin’s Aim

Unit 4:


Alice in Wonderland

Unit 5:

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Helen Keller

Unit 6:

The Donkey

I had a Little Pony

The Milkman’s Cow

Unit 7:


The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

Unit 8:

A Watering Rhyme

The Giving Tree

Unit 9:


Going to Buy a Book

Unit 10:

The Naughty Boy



Hindi, apart from being one of the most widely spoken languages in India, is also taught as a compulsory second language in numerous schools following the CBSE board. That is why it is crucial to develop a student’s knowledge of the subject right from the very onset. Thus, the CBSE NCERT solutions put special emphasis on developing both vocational and writing skills of students.

If students go through the free NCERT solution for Class 4, they will find solutions to various types of questions, which will help in the proper framing of answers. Following are the chapters of Class 4 Hindi NCERT solutions textbooks:

Chapter 1 - Man Ke Bhole-Bhole Badal

Chapter 2 - Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

Chapter 3 - Kirmich Ki Gend

Chapter 4 - Papa Jab Bacche The

Chapter 5 - Dost ki Poshak

Chapter 6 - Naav Banao Naav Banao

Chapter 7 - Daan ka Hisab

Chapter 8 - Kaun

Chapter 9 - Swatantrata ki Aur

Chapter 10 - Thapp Roti Thapp Daal

Chapter 11 - Padhaku ki Sujh

Chapter 12 - Sunita ki Pahiya Kursi

Chapter 13 - Hudhud

Chapter 14 - Muft Hi Muft

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