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Maths Worksheets

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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A lot of practice is required to get good grades in math exams. So, here we have Maths Worksheets for CBSE Classes covering all of the key points of maths topics. With the help of these worksheets, students can correctly practice and improve their final exam prep. All of these worksheets are in PDF format, so students may download them and study them at their leisure.All of the questions are organised by chapter and are based on the NCERT curriculum.

Maths worksheets are created for different grades and topics.These worksheets emphasise the step-by-step learning mechanism, which helps students think strategically about a problem, realise their errors, and acquire mathematical skills. Visuals in math worksheets help students understand different concepts and perceive things from a fresh perspective, which can help them learn more effectively.

It also encourages students to participate in active learning by providing an engaging learning experience through a range of questions rather than passively ingesting video and audio content. Students can complete problems at their own pace with math worksheets since they give them a lot of time flexibility.

Multiplication Worksheets

Our multiplication worksheets begin with simple multiplication facts and continue to huge values multiplied in columns. To develop numeracy skills, we emphasise "mental multiplication" exercises.

Multiplication is a mathematical procedure that is used to multiple several types of integers. The outcome of multiplication is referred to as a product.

Multiplication Symbol (×)

In mathematics, we have different symbols. When doing multiplication, the multiplication symbol is one of the most commonly used arithmetic symbols. Multiplication is denoted by three symbols the cross symbol ×, by the midline dot operator (⋅), and by asterisk *.

Let’s solve few Multiplication problems

Example: Help James in multiplying 2022 by 4.

Solution: Follow the given steps.

Step 1: Start with one's place digits. (4 × 2 = 8)

Step 2: Multiply tens place digits. (4 × 2 = 8)

Step 3: Now we have to multiply the digit of hundreds place. (4 × 0 = 0)

Step 4: Now multiply digits of thousands place. (4 × 2 = 8)

Step 5: 2022 × 4 = 8088.

2. Use multiplication tricks to solve the following multiplication word problem.

A book will set you back $48. Calculate the cost of 500 such books.

Solution: Price of one book = $48

Price of 500 books = 500 × 48


5 0 0

× 4 8


4 0 0 0

+2 0 0 0 x


2 4 0 0 0

The cost of 500 of these books is $24000.

Another option for answering this question is to multiply 48 by 5 and add two zeros to the final answer. So, multiplying 48 by 5 gives us 240. However, because the given value is 500, the total cost of our completed product will be $24000.

Subtraction Worksheets

The process of subtracting one number from another is known as subtraction. It is a primary arithmetic operation that is denoted by a subtraction symbol (-) and is the method of calculating the difference between two numbers. Students should subtraction worksheets to practise more questions from exam point of view.

Note: To reach the proper result in subtraction, we always subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

Example: Subtract 25632 from 48756.

Solution: Follow the given steps to subtract.

Step 1: First, begin with the digit in the first position. (6 - 2 = 4)

Step 2: Move to the tens place. (5 - 3 = 2)

Step 3: Now subtract the digits at hundreds place. (7 - 6 = 1)

Step 4: Now subtract the digits at thousands places. (8 - 5 = 3)

Step 5: Finally, subtract the digits which are at ten thousands place. (4 - 2 = 2)

Step 6: Hence, the difference between the two given numbers is: 48756 - 25632 = 23124.

Addition Worksheets

The process of combining two or more items is known as addition. In mathematics, adding is the process of calculating the total of two or more numbers in order to determine their sum. For addition, the + symbol is used.

Example: Help James in adding 11234 and 21123

Solution: Follow the steps and try to match them up with the image provided below.

Step 1: Start with ones place digits. (4 + 3 = 7)

Step 2: Move to tens place digits. (3 + 2 = 5)

Step 3: Now add the digit of hundreds place. (2 + 1 = 3)

Step 4: Now add digits of thousands place. (1 + 1 = 2)

Step 5: Finally add digits of ten thousands place. (1 + 2 = 3)

Step 6: 11234 + 21123 = 32357.

Tips and Tricks on Addition

Words like "put together," "in all," "altogether," and "total" indicate that you must add the numbers given. Begin by multiplying the larger number by the smaller number. It's far easier to add 12 to 43 than 43 to 12.

To make addition easier, divide integers by their place values. 22 + 64, for example, can be divided into 20 + 2 + 60 + 4. While this may appear difficult, it actually makes mental addition easier.

Place Value Worksheets

The value of each digit in a number is called place value. Every digit in a number has a distinct value depending on where it appears in the number. A number can contain two comparable digits with distinct values, which is determined by the digit's position in the number. The value of a digit is determined by its position in a number, such as ones, tens, hundreds, and so on.

Example: Write down the place value of each digit in the number 543.

Solution: The correct place value of each digit in the number can be given as:

5 × 100 = 500

4 × 10 = 40

3 × 1 = 3

Benefits of Math Worksheet for Students

Worksheets for math play a critical role in understanding topics. It allows teachers to assign questions to students in the form of worksheets on a variety of topics. Regularly practicing these math worksheets helps pupils improve their speed and accuracy by ensuring that they comprehend the fundamentals. Keeping track of the child's progress would be easier if the completed worksheets were organised.

Following are the importance of maths worksheets:

  • Math worksheets encourage children to engage in physical activity.

  • It assists the children in revising and clarifying topics, and the children are more likely to remember it.

  • Math worksheets are made up of a variety of questions that lead to a thorough comprehension of each topic.

  • It benefits both pupils and parents.

  • Little children have tremendous learning capacities and learn more quickly through hands-on activities.

FAQs on Maths Worksheets

1. Are Math Worksheets Useful for Competitive Exams?

The goal of math worksheets is to offer youngsters with practise sums so that they may master the material quickly. As a result, these worksheets are designed in such a way that a child gains the necessary information and skills to succeed in any examination, whether it is a school or competitive exam.

2. Is It Necessary to Use Math Worksheets?

Math worksheets are an excellent source of practise sums. As children are exposed to a variety of difficulties, they develop an understanding of the types of questions that will be asked on an examination. As a result, math worksheets should be included in your normal curriculum.

3. How Can Math Worksheets Help to Boost Problem-solving Skills?

Math worksheets assist students in analysing issues, breaking them down into manageable bits, and solving them. Children's problem-solving abilities might develop as they learn to grasp the why and how behind a topic. They also develop a variety of transferable skills, including critical thinking, logic, reasoning, and analytical talents.