NCERT Solutions for Class 2

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English & Hindi

The growing importance of education has made it mandatory to start learning diverse subjects from the formative years to develop a better hold over the same. Taking into account this escalated demand for quality education, we at Vedantu offer you with our host of solutions that ease the learning process. It is especially true for our Class 2 NCERT solutions that envelope all the subjects and act as the perfect guide for young students of the CBSE board. 

These formative years are crucial, and the NCERT Class 2 solutions have been made with that in mind. You can rely on these books for high scores in your exams. These solutions have been made to make education accessible and fun.

The CBSE NCERT solutions offer an inclusive approach and not an exclusive one as we see in schools. It is written keeping in mind the needs of every child. These solutions are also available in the NCERT solutions download section which can be read at your convenience. Also, our latest NCERT solutions Class 2 are up-to-date with the 2019-20 curriculums to help you conveniently approach the updated syllabus. 

Our NCERT solutions PDF offer guidance in simple terms for all subjects. NCERT takes into account all the factors required for constructive education and learning and implements them to the best of their abilities. Let’s take a look at what you can find in the free NCERT solution for Class 2 which is available without registration:

Class 2 NCERT solutions for Maths

Mathematics challenges our mind to think in non-conventional ways. It provides us with tools to do some essential mathematical functions - such as addition and subtraction. Considering that these are the very chapters that you would need to pursue in your higher classes, having clarity in its basics is imperative. 

In this endeavor, our CBSE NCERT solutions Class 2 Maths is your ideal go-to since it offers you guidance in the subject and engages in its interactive solution. With the easy tricks in our NCERT solutions PDF, you can easily do your homework and also ace your exams.

Here’s a look at the chapters that are covered in the NCERT solutions for Class 2 Maths:

Chapter 1 – What is Long, What is Round

Chapter 2 – Counting in Groups

Chapter 3 – How much can you carry?

Chapter 4 – Counting in tens

Chapter 5 – Patterns

Chapter 6 – Footprints

Chapter 7 – Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 8 – Tens and Ones

Chapter 9 – My Funday

Chapter 10 – Add our points

Chapter 11 – Lines and Lines

Chapter 12 - Give and take

Chapter 13 – The longest step

Chapter 14 – Birds come, birds go

Chapter 15 – How many ponytails

B. Class 2 NCERT Solutions for English

Our solution for English covers both the books - Marigold and Raindrops. The significance of English in developing good communication skill makes it an essential part of holistic learning. However, it requires your active engagement to develop a better grip over the subject. 

Therefore NCERT has curated a syllabus that is perfect for evoking engagement and intrigue in learning the subject. You can study the chapters in your textbooks in-depth with our NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English

Check out the enlisted chapters of your textbooks, the guidelines to which you can find in our NCERT solutions online.

Marigold (Prose):

Chapter 1 – Haldi’s Adventure

Chapter 2 – I want

Chapter 3 – The Wind and the sun

Chapter 4 – Storm in the garden

Chapter 5 – Funny Bunny

Chapter 6 – Curlylocks and the three bears

Chapter 7 – Make it shorter

Chapter 8 – The Mumbai musicians

Chapter 9 – The magic porridge pot

Chapter 10 – The grasshopper and the ant

Marigold (Poem)

Chapter 1 – First day at school

Chapter 2 – I am lucky

Chapter 3 – A smile

Chapter 4 – Rain

Chapter 5 – Zoo Manners

Chapter 6 – Mr. Nobody

Chapter 7 – On my blackboard, I can draw

Chapter 8 - I am the music man

Chapter 9 – Granny Granny, please comb my hair

Chapter 10 – Strange talk


Chapter 1 – Action Song (poem)

Chapter 2 – Our day

Chapter 3 – My family

Chapter 4 – What’s going on

C. Class 2 NCERT solutions for Hindi

Hindi is one of the widely spoken languages across the country; thus, it is essential to develop a better understanding of the same. Additionally, with an in-depth idea of this language, you can understand the cultural aspect of our nation too.

In an attempt to ease the learning curve, and seek guidance on this subject, you can read Class 2 NCERT solutions for Hindi. You can avail these solutions at the NCERT solutions download section. 

Let’s take a look at the chapters that will be covered in the textbook as well as in the NCERT solutions for Class 2 Hindi:

Chapter 1 – Aunt Chala

Chapter 2 – Bhalu ne kheli football

Chapter 3 – Miyaun Miyaun

Chapter 4 – Adhik Balwan Kaun

Chapter 5 – Dost ki madad

Chapter 6 – Bahut hua

Chapter 7 – Meri Kitaab

Chapter 8 – Titali aur kali

Chapter 9 – Bulbul

Chapter 10 – Meethi Sarangi

Chapter 11 – Tesu raja beech bazaar

Chapter 12 – Bus ke niche bagh

Chapter 13 – Suraj zaldi aana ji

Chapter 14 – Natkhat chuha

Chapter 15 – Ekki dokki 

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