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Marks Wise CBSE Important Questions

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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CBSE Important Questions

Mathematics is a beautiful and interesting play of numbers. It consists of equations, proofs, formulas and definitions which is required to develop knowledge on the subject. If the students fail to understand the topics for the teaching process is boring, then the issue can easily transform into a nightmare. Math requires continuous practice that develops an understanding skill in students. It does not need that much reading skills.

Here, in this article, we will provide you with a summary of all the CBSE Important Questions in marks wise format for a better learning process. Practising these questions would help you gain confidence. You will get a rough idea on the items you will be receiving in the final examination.

Important Questions For Class 8 Maths With Solutions

Class 8 develops a basic understanding of Mathematics in students. The syllabus includes rational numbers, exponents and powers, squares and square roots, cube and cube roots, single variable Linear equations, quadrilaterals, constructions and mensuration in the first term. For the second term, we have algebraic expressions, factorization, ratio proportion, percentage, direct and inverse proportion, representing 3D and 2D objects, number system and data handling.

Important Questions For Class 9 Maths With Solutions

In the ninth standard, you get six marks from the number system, 20 marks from algebra, six marks from coordinate geometry, 22 marks from geometry, 14 marks for mensuration and 12 marks from statistics and probability. Each question may range from the value of 1, 2, 3 or 4 marks. Some of the important questions are:

Two Mark Questions:

  • Express 0.25 in the form of a/b where a and b are natural numbers.

Three Mark Questions:

  • Rationalize the denominator and simplify the equation

(8√3 – 6√5) / (√75 + √18).

Four Mark Questions:

  • Well with a 20-meter diameter is dug 34 meters deep. Earth taken out is put around the well with ‘n’ width to form a barrier. Find its height.

Important Questions For Class 10 Maths With Solutions

Here we have provided some important questions in Math Class 10. All the 6 marks come from real numbers and coordinate geometry each. Twenty marks come from polynomial, quadratics, arithmetic and geometric progressions with the linear equation in two variables. Fifteen marks come from circles, triangles and constructions. Trigonometry comes for 12 marks including heights and distances while ten marks come from surface areas and volumes.

Eleven marks come from statistics/probability. Let’s see some Class 10 Maths important questions chapter wise. It also includes CBSE Class 10 Mathematics important four marks questions.

Two Mark Questions:

  • Determine AP, whose fourth term is seven and 9th term is 10.

Three Mark Questions:

  • Area of a triangle is 10 square units. The two vertices are (3,1) and (-2, 7). The vertex three is (9/2, x), then find x.

Four Mark Questions:

  • Find x when, 1/ (x-3) + 2/ (x-5) = 9/x.

  • Calculate the sum of all multiples of 11 which are less than 900.

Important Questions For Class 11 Maths With Solutions

For the 11th standard, 29 marks come from sets, relations and functions. Mathematical induction, complex numbers, quadratic equations, inequalities, permutations, combinations, binomial theorem, sequence and series has a weightage of 37 marks out of hundred. Conics, straight lines and 3D geometry have 13 marks. Six marks will come from the basics of calculus and three marks from mathematical reasoning. Statistics has 12 marks as weightage. Marks on each question ranges from 1, 4 and 6. Below we have examples of some problems.

One Mark Questions:

  • Find the derivative of cos2(2x) concerning x.

  • Find the value of cos (-1720)°

Four Mark Questions:

  • Find the orthocenter coordinates of a triangle with vertices (-1,2), (3, 2) and (5,0).

Six Mark Questions:

  • Use the binomial theorem to find the value of (54)4.

Important Questions For Class 12 Maths With Solutions

In XII standard, the questions are a bit harder than the lower classes. You get eight marks from relation and functions and ten marks from algebra. Calculus has a huge weightage of 35 marks out of 80 why linear programming has only five marks. Fourteen marks come from vectors and three-dimensional geometry while only eight marks are kept for probability. Marks for each question range from 2, 4, and 6. Here are some example questions.

Two Mark Questions:

  • Find dy/dx when sec(x - y) = xy.

Four Mark Questions:

  • If a + b + c = 8 and ab + bc + ca = 15, calculate the value of a3 + b3 + c3 – 3abc.

  • Construct a triangle abc where bc=4.8 cm, angle b = 45° and ab +ac = 7.8 cm.

Six Mark Questions:

  • Use integration, find the area under the parabola y = 4/3x2 and line y = 4x + 5.

FAQs on Marks Wise CBSE Important Questions

1. From Which Chapters of CBSE Class 10 Mathematics, the Important Questions Come in the Board Exam?

Ans: Chapter-wise important questions are very important for your CBSE board exam preparation. It is a useful and beneficial exam preparation tool. The important questions come in the exam from all the chapters. The first part of the syllabus contains chapter 1 (real numbers), chapter 2 (polynomials), chapter 3 (pair of linear equations in two variables), chapter 4 (quadratic equations), chapter 5 (arithmetic progressions), chapter 6 (triangles), chapter 7 (coordinate geometry), chapter 8 (introduction to trigonometry). The next part consists of chapter 9 (some applications of trigonometry), chapter 10 (circles), chapter 11 (constructions), chapter 12 (areas related to processes), chapter 13 (surface areas and volumes), chapter 14 (statistics), chapter 15 (probability).

2. What are the Chapters, Including Important Questions for the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam?

Ans: For the Class 12 Mathematics exam, you need good logic and problem-solving skills. The syllabus of Class 12 Mathematics includes chapter 1 (relations and functions), chapter 2 (inverse trigonometric functions), chapter 3 (matrices), chapter 4 (determinants), chapter 5 (continuity and differentiability), chapter 6 (application of derivatives), chapter 7 (integrals), chapter 8 (application of integrals), chapter 9 (differential equations), chapter 10 (vector algebra), chapter 11 (three dimensional geometry), chapter 12 (linear programming), chapter 13 (probability). All the chapters are important for the CBSE board exam. It would help if you had a good grasp of these chapters to attend to all the important questions. The important questions of the exam are from almost all the chapters.