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CBSE Class 8 Study Materials

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 8 - Syllabus, Notes, Important Questions and Study Materials

CBSE Class 8 is a crucial stage in a student's academic journey. Students must grasp the fundamentals in this class to help them score well in future grades. Vedantu helps students enhance their understanding of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and more. The curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a broad knowledge of different fields. Students explore various topics, from algebra and geometry to scientific principles and historical events. They also improve their language skills through literature, grammar practice, and creative writing. 

Vedantu provides FREE PDFs for NCERT textbooks, important questions, and other study materials. This makes learning engaging and effective, helping students excel in their studies and develop a deeper interest in their subjects.

Latest Updations for CBSE Class 8


Academic Session 2024-25

Composition of question paper year-end examination/ Board Examination (Theory)

  • Competency Focused Questions: 50%

    • These include MCQs, Case-Based Questions, Source-Based Integrated Questions, or any other type.

  • Select Response Type Questions (MCQ): 20%

  • Constructed Response Questions: 30%

    • These include Short and Long Answer Questions, as per the existing pattern.

CBSE Class 8 Subjects

CBSE Class 8 includes the following subjects that all students must study for the academic year 2024-25. These subjects are:

  • Science

  • Mathematics

  • Social Science

  • Hindi

  • English

Class 8 CBSE Board Syllabus

Class 8 CBSE Board Syllabus covers all the topics covered in each subject that students will study in this class. By going through the syllabus beforehand, students can understand the topics they’ll be studying and prepare accordingly.

Download the Class 8 CBSE Board Syllabus here for free in a downloadable PDF format.

CBSE Class 8 NCERT Books

CBSE Class 8 NCERT books help students learn key subjects like Science, Maths, Social Studies, and Languages. These books are prepared to help you understand concepts clearly with simple language and engaging examples. They cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics, preparing you for higher classes. Get your FREE PDF of CBSE Class 8 NCERT Books for all subjects here.

Class 8 NCERT Solutions

Class 8 NCERT Solutions are important study materials that help students understand and solve problems from their textbooks. They provide step-by-step explanations and answers to questions in subjects like Science, Maths, Social Studies, and Languages. These solutions help students grasp concepts thoroughly and improve their academic performance. 

CBSE Class 8 Important Questions

In CBSE Class 8, Important Questions help you understand key concepts deeply. They focus on crucial subjects like Science, Maths, Social Studies, and Languages. Practising these questions strengthens your knowledge and prepares you well for exams.

CBSE Class 8 Revision Notes

CBSE Class 8 Revision Notes are summaries that help you revise key topics quickly. They condense important information from subjects like Science, Maths, Social Studies, and Languages. These notes are prepared to help in understanding and revision, ensuring you grasp concepts effectively for exams.

Class 8 CBSE Sample Papers

Download and solve as many Class 8 CBSE Sample Papers as possible when your exams are near to have an idea of the type of questions that might be asked in the paper. You will also know the exam pattern and marking scheme by solving numerical questions from Class 8 CBSE Sample Papers, thus, improving your preparation.

Class 8 NCERT Exemplar

The Class 8 NCERT Exemplar is a helpful resource that provides extra practice and an in-depth understanding of subjects like Science and Maths. It includes difficult questions and solutions that strengthen your knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Additional Class 8 Study Material

Why Choose Vedantu’s Class 8 CBSE Board Material?

  • Vedantu’s material covers all subjects thoroughly, including Science, Maths, Social Studies, and Languages. It ensures you understand every topic in your curriculum.

  • Vedantu provides practice worksheets that include what you've learned in class. These help improve your understanding and prepare you for exams.

  • You can access Vedantu Master teachers who provide clear explanations and support whenever you have doubts or questions.

  • You can access the material anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.

  • Choosing Vedantu’s Class 8 CBSE Board Material ensures a solid foundation and enhances your academic performance effectively.

How to Study in CBSE Class 8?

Studying effectively in CBSE Class 8 involves a few key steps:

  • Plan your study schedule to cover all subjects regularly. Allocate time for each subject based on its importance and your understanding.

  • Focus on understanding the concepts rather than just memorising them. Use examples and practical applications to grasp difficult topics.

  • Refer to textbooks, supplementary books, and other study materials provided by Vedantu for comprehensive learning. Practice worksheets and sample papers can help you apply what you've learned.

  • Write down important points during class and while studying at home. Summarise key concepts to improve your understanding.

  • Schedule time to revise what you've learned. Regular revision helps you retain information better and prepares you for exams.

  • Ask teachers, friends, or parents for help if you're stuck on a concept. Clarifying doubts helps you understand everything thoroughly.

Having good study materials is very important for CBSE Class 8 students. These materials, such as textbooks, Sample question papers, and extra materials, cover subjects well. They help students understand concepts and prepare for exams with practice questions and clear explanations. Using these materials helps students learn and gain confidence, leading to academic success.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Study Materials

1. Where can CBSE Class 8 students find study material online?

CBSE Class 8 study material is available online on Vedantu's website. Students can access the website's homepage, choose the subject for which they require study material, and download the relevant PDFs for free.

2. Why studying NCERT solutions is important for CBSE Class 8 students?

NCERT solutions are vital for CBSE Class 8 students as they provide comprehensive and accurate answers to textbook questions. They help students understand the topics better and prepare effectively for exams.

3. How can CBSE Class 8 students prepare for exams?

To prepare for CBSE Class 8 exams, students can follow the prescribed syllabus, refer to NCERT textbooks and solutions, practice important questions and sample papers, and seek guidance from teachers and parents. Don’t forget to do regular practice and revision to excel in exams.

4. How important are NCERT textbooks for CBSE Class 8 students?

NCERT textbooks are crucial for CBSE Class 8 students as they provide a strong foundation in various subjects and help to develop a conceptual understanding of the topics. Expert subject teachers design the NCERT textbooks, and their content is updated regularly to ensure it remains relevant and accurate.

5. What is the syllabus of CBSE Class 8 Maths?

These are the 13 chapters in Class 8 Maths -

  • Chapter 1- Rational numbers

  • Chapter 2- Linear equations in one variable

  • Chapter 3- Understanding quadrilaterals

  • Chapter 4- Data Handling 

  • Chapter 5- Squares and square roots

  • Chapter 6- Cubes and cube roots

  • Chapter 7- Comparing quantities

  • Chapter 8- Algebraic expression and identities

  • Chapter 9- Mensuration

  • Chapter 10- Exponents and powers

  • Chapter 11- Direct and inverse proportions

  • Chapter 12- Factorization

  • Chapter 13- Introduction to graphs

6. Why should I refer to Class 8 revision notes?

  • To strengthen your core concepts.

  • To thoroughly your syllabus and save time before exams for revision.

  • To revisit any topic that you might have forgotten.

  • Refer to Vedantu’s revision notes, as they have been curated by experts who have explained everything in detail.

7. What is the best way to manage time while preparing for CBSE Class 8 exams?

To manage your time effectively while preparing for CBSE Class 8 exams, you can create a study schedule, set achievable goals, and prioritise the subjects that require more attention. Maintain to-do lists to stay focused and motivated. Finally, make sure to take breaks and exercise regularly to prevent burnout and maintain health.

8. Are CBSE Class 8 subjects difficult? 

The difficulty level of subjects in Class 8 can vary from student to student. However, Class 8 is considered an important stage where students are introduced to more advanced concepts and subjects. It is essential to have a strong foundation in the basics of each subject to perform well in this class and prepare for future classes.

9. How important are practicals for CBSE Class 8 Science?

Practicals are an integral part of CBSE Class 8 Science, as they help students understand the practical aspects of various concepts and theories taught in the classroom. Practical experiments allow students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific reasoning skills. Practicals also help students develop their observation skills and accuracy in recording data and making conclusions.

10. What is the importance of solving sample papers for CBSE Class 8?

Solving important questions is a great way to prepare for CBSE Class 8 exams. It helps students understand the exam pattern, question format, and important topics. Practicing these papers also improves time management and boosts confidence. Vedantu provides past several years’ sample papers for CBSE Class 8, which can be accessed for free.

11. What subjects are taught in CBSE Class 8?

CBSE Class 8 covers subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies (History, Geography, Civics), English, and regional languages.

12. What is the importance of CBSE Class 8?

CBSE Class 8 is crucial as it lays a strong foundation for higher classes. It introduces fundamental concepts that are built upon in subsequent grades.