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How to Write Rupees and Paise in Words

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Can Money Only Be Expressed in Numerical Values?

Money is a good that is widely accepted as a means of economic exchange. It serves as the medium for expressing values and prices. It is the primary indicator of wealth because it moves from person to person and country to country, facilitating trade. We utilize a very small point known as a decimal point for amounts that contain both rupees and paise. Before this point is written the numeral for rupees, whereas after this is put the numeral for paisa. Before the number of numbers, we write Rs.

How to Convert Rupees and Paise in Words

1. Re is the abbreviation for a rupee, and Re is used for one rupee.

2. The abbreviation for rupees is Rs., as in five rupees.

3. We write P for paisa. It appears after the Paisa number.

4. Assume we need to write a monetary amount in both rupees and paise.

Therefore, we use a little point known as a decimal point to denote a sum that includes both rupees and paise. Before this point, the numeral denoting rupees is written, and after the point, the numeral denoting paisa. Before the number of digits, we write Rs.

For instance, writing Rs 3.75 in words will be written as 3 Rupees and 75 Paise.

Number to Word Converter (Number to Word Conversion)

The symbol "₹" is always used to represent rupees. P is always used to signify paise. As we know the value of \[1Rs = 100Paise\]. Let’s understand Number to Words converter Indian Rupees by an illustration.

When writing rupee and paise together in figures, a space is used to separate them (.). Paisa is always expressed as a two-digit number.

Moni has a 50-paisa coin and one 20-rupee note. Write down the amount in words and figures, her teacher instructed her.

Shelly will enter the value as 20.50 in the figure.

Twenty rupees and fifty paise are how the amount is expressed in words.

Paise to Rupees Converter

As we know,

\[1Rs = 100Paise\]

Therefore 15 Rupees have,

\[\begin{array}{l}1Rs = 100Paise\\15Rs = 1500Paise\end{array}\]

For converting Paise to Rupees. Let’s see it with an example:

Suppose, Henry has 54.23 Paise. He wanted to know how much he had in Rupees. Let’s help him out in converting p to Rs.

\[\begin{array}{l}1Rs = 100Paise\\\dfrac{1}{{100}}Rs = 1Paise\\\end{array}\]


\[\begin{array}{l}5423Paise = \dfrac{{5423}}{{100}}Rs\\5423Paise = 54.23Rs\end{array}\]

Trick: For converting paise to rupees just shift 2 decimal places to the left-hand side.


As a medium of economic exchange, money is a good that is widely accepted. For a sum that comprises both rupees and paisas, we use a tiny point called a decimal point. The number on the left side of the decimal denotes rupees, whereas the number for paisa is written on the right side of the decimal.

Solved Examples

Example 1: Write in words:-

(i) 63.32Rs

(ii) 30.09 Rs


( i ) Sixty-three rupees and thirty-two Paise

( ii ) Thirty Rupees and Nine Paise.

Example 2: Write the following in figures:

(i) Sixty-three rupees and twenty paise

(ii) Forty-five rupees and sixty paise

(iii) Thirty-nine rupees and thirty paise


(i) Rs 63.20

(ii) Rs 45.60

(iii) Rs 39.30

FAQs on How to Write Rupees and Paise in Words

1. Who is involved in coin and currency production?

The Reserve Bank of India is the only institution authorized to print currency.

2. How many different forms is money offered in?

There are two types of currency: (i) coins and (ii) currency notes.

3. What types of money notes are there?

Currency Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500, and Rs 2000 are among the several notes.

4. Is a coin considered money?

Paper money in the form of notes and coins is referred to as currency.