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Introduction to Number 4 for Kids

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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What is 4?

Four is a number in Mathematics that represents the quantity or the value of 4. The number 4 is preceded by 3 and is succeeded by 5. Before learning some interesting facts about the number 4, let us look into what the number is.

The number is defined as the mathematical term that is used to describe the quantity or value of objects. The number is generally used to count things, the counting starts from the number 1. Let us look into an example that helps kids to understand what is a number and specifically what is 4.

Five Butterflies

Five Butterflies

In the above-mentioned image, there is 1 yellow butterfly on one side and there are 4 butterflies on the other side. We can count various objects with the help of numbers.

How to Count 4?

Although we have understood what 4 is, let us look at how we can count. We can start by counting from 1 then 2 then 3 and finally 4. Let us look into some examples of how to count.

Example 1: How many fingers is the kid holding in the image mentioned below?

A kid showing Four Fingers

A kid showing Four Fingers

Ans: The kid is holding 4 fingers.

Example 2: Count the number of cars, balloons, and penguins present in the image.

Four Balloons, Penguins and Cars

Four Balloons, Penguins and Cars

Ans: The image has 4 balloons, 4 cars, and 4 penguins.

Fun Ways to Learn the Number 4

Parents can teach kids about the number 4 by incorporating it in some songs and rhymes. Another fun way of learning what is 4 is to engage kids by counting till 4, one can ask them how many legs are in the chair, or how many candies are in a packet. Mentioned below is a small poem that can help kids to learn how to write the number 4.

Down and over!!

And down some more,

Down and over!!

And down some more,

That is how you make 4.

Fun Fact

  • Four is the only number that has the same alphabets as the number.

  • Four is also an even number.

  • Four has a place value of the unit (ones).

This was the complete discussion on what is 4. We have learnt about 4, the number; we have also learnt how to count till 4 and write 4 in words. As kids grow, they are introduced to various concepts. Teaching kids with the help of images and fun activities as mentioned in the article can help kids understand better and clear the basic concepts of Mathematics. We hope that the article helps your kids develop curiosity about numbers and Maths.

FAQs on Introduction to Number 4 for Kids

1. How to teach kids to write the number four?

Teaching kids how to write a number can be a fun experience for both parents and kids. Kids usually love colourful papers and images. Parents can print colourful papers that have dots that resemble the number. Teach kids to connect the dots, in this way, they can familiarise themselves with the structure of the number. Parents can also sing rhymes as mentioned in the article to help kids in better memorising and writing the number. 

2. Give a real-life example where we can count the number four.

Kids can master numbers by counting the things around them. A real-life example where counting till 4 includes the number of wheels in the car. There are also 4 legs in the chair. Cats, dogs and elephants all have 4 legs. Introducing kids to real-life examples like this can be greatly helpful.