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Which is Heavier Worksheets for Kids

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Introduction to Which is Heavier Worksheet

Children, especially the ones who are studying Kindergarten, are very interested in knowing about animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, other animals, objects, things and various other categories. In addition, they are interested in comparing one with the other on various factors, including which is heavier and trying to figure out the resultant one.

For example, mammals are recognised as the hairiest, largest, and fastest land animals. Every mammal, from lightning-fast cheetahs to super-slow sloths, from large buffaloes to small shrews, has something unique about them.

Let us look at more details on the worksheet that children do perform interestingly.

Worksheet on ‘Which is Heavier’

Let us look at some of the worksheets here.

Comparing weights worksheet - 1

Two objects are compared in these measuring worksheets to find which is heavier or lighter. These worksheets explain the notion of weight and its nomenclature; in later grades, real weight measurement in units is considered.

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Comparing weights worksheets


  1. School bus

  2. Clip

Comparing weights worksheet - 2

The activities listed below are designed to help the child practise and learn the idea of weight. Which of the two items is lighter or heavier? This is a combination of activities for children aged 4 to 7. Children will have fun with it.

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Comparing the objects worksheet

By showing the above sheet, you may ask your child to identify the heavier objects comparing between the two items in a cell.

Comparing the Objects Worksheet- Practice Yourself!

It's all about comparing the objects. Children will be given a worksheet with a few of the things and asked to complete an activity by comparing the objects and determining the resultant one. They could be in terms of foods, products, or things, among other things. When you do this activity with your kids, they will gain more information and abilities, and they will be able to work more efficiently on similar worksheets.

(Image will uploaded soon)

You may ask your child to answer by showing the above sheet by comparing between two items in the first question and by comparing with three items in the second question.


Comparing the items and figuring out the resultant one is a good activity that can be performed by the children. By making them perform this, we can teach them about the objects, animals, measurements, and more. This will not only help them to increase their thinking skills but also makes them remember about names of the objects, their spellings, usage and more.

So, why late? Start this activity with your children by preparing the worksheets on various categories.

FAQs on Which is Heavier Worksheets for Kids

1. Why perform the comparison activities with children?

Children are fascinated by the prospect of participating in activities. This is also a great method to get them interested in the subject and familiarize them with the principles. They can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the products they're comparing, as well as how, why, and when to use them.

2. What is a worksheet?

A collection of cells structured in rows and columns is referred to as a worksheet in Excel documents. It is the work surface that you use to enter data. A worksheet usually contains numerous worksheets with comparable content, although only one of them is active at any given moment.