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Best Math Learning App for Children

Vedantu is providing easy and affordable help to students who face difficulty in solving math problems. We offer a free trial of 7 days to students to get to know about our expert teachers and their way of teaching before subscribing to the app. This is the unique facility of this app that brilliantly showcases its uniqueness in all respects to better students and their education. 

The Quickest Math Answering App Ever

The math app that provides the quickest answers to the students is considered one of the most reliable among other study apps. For this reason, this math app is the best among all the existing ones. 

Some other unique aspects of this app can be listed as follows:

  • Easy Access to Geometry with this Help App

This math help app will help you solve geometry problems in the most straightforward methods and those accepted from the examination point of view.

  • Excellent Homework Guidance with this Help App

We also provide a free homework guide to students, and this service is included in all the subscriptions given by our app.

  • Mathematics Solving Made Easy with this App

All the mathematics problems are easily solved by students when they get proper guidance from our side. That is why we are the best supporters of knowledge boosting for students and a reliable study source for their parents.

  • Stepwise Math Solver Available

The math app follows a step-by-step solution method, and this is done in a comfortable and reliable form. This app will surely benefit students in solving complicated problems very efficiently in examinations. 

  • Solving Homework Made Easy with this Math Solver App:

For completing the students' difficult math homework, they can request free LIVE sessions from the respective teachers and that too, without any trouble of exposing their privacy.

This app is a great help for all school boards such as ICSE, CBSE, State Board, etc. Our math teachers will guide students at any hour of the day and reply to their messages within 24 hours. 

Guide for Solving Your Math Problems

Math problems become easier for students whether they are regarding algebra, trigonometry, or any other chapter and from any standard as per students' demand.

Some other facilities provided to the students can be listed as below-

  • Best Guidance App for Math Help:

This app is the best educational information source for students regarding all their math problems at just a single click and view. 

  • Availability of Answers Becomes Better with Math App:

Getting math answers has become very easy for students, whether the problem is easy or complicated, and required the most by students.

  • Easy Algebra Solver

We provide detailed solutions to students regarding all the aspects of algebra, and a list of all the algebra concepts is offered to students at the start of the algebra sessions. 

Helping You Solve Math Problems with Advanced Methods

Many students find it difficult to solve math problems because their methods are complicated to understand and remember. The formulas that they use are very tough, which is why students cannot use them in the examinations. This is not the case with the Vedantu math app, which is its speciality and superpower.

Do Your Homework in a New and Modified Way Now

Students who suffer a lot in their homework can get great help from this app. This app has very brilliant and noticeable results. The assignment is now made easy and quick for students, and that too considering even the smallest details about the sums solved.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What are the Subscription Policies of the Vedantu Math Learning App, and What Additional Benefits Do Students Get from the Subscription?

The subscription policies of the Vedantu app are straightforward and provide significant discounts to students through their scholarships. Also, there are three categories of the subscription of this app and parents can avail their child of any of these subscriptions very easily.

The three categories of subscription packs can be as follows:

  • One Month Subscription:

This subscription lasts for one month and costs up to Rs. 9000 monthly. This subscription is for the people who want to have an additional trial of this app for their studies.

  • Three Months Subscription:

This subscription lasts for about three months, and the cost for this subscription is Rs. 8500/month, which makes a sum of about Rs. 25500 for three months. Through this subscription, students get free access throughout the app for the whole of 3 months. 

  • Six Months Subscription:

This is the last category of subscription, which is availed for six months. The cost paid for this subscription is Rs. 8500/month, which makes Rs. 51000 for six months duration.

All these subscription categories provide some additional benefits to students such as giving assignments and notes, taking regular test series and a proper analysis of the same, etc. These other benefits are of great importance for the educational career of students.  

Q2. What about the Availability of Teachers on the Vedantu App?

Vedantu is the best and most popular educational app that provides expert student services in many ways. The teachers are experts in their fields and give the best advice to the students in the most comfortable and most understandable language. Every teacher will provide personal attention to every student and make sure that they don't have any problem regarding their particular subjects.

After subscribing to this app, students will get a list of teachers who are teaching the students, and they will also get pertinent details about them. You will get the teachers according to the capabilities and grasping abilities of the students. 

Teachers will also be able to have an online Parents-Teachers meet with students' parents and tell them their children's capabilities and progress. This will help a lot to increase the students' educational level to a great extent and that too, without embarrassing them at any point.