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Tables From 12 to 20

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Multiplication Tables From 12 to 20

Learning multiplication tables is a crucial component of a student’s elementary education. Mastering over multiplication tables at an early age can help a kid build a robust foundation in mathematics. Learning thoroughly through the multiplication tables will not only aid the child during the school days but beyond.

Having a firm grasp on the multiplication tables literally prepares the child for other Math topics as well such as fraction, division, and algebra. Vedantu is an online portal that has listed multiplication tables from 1 to 20 and also made available table 12 to 20 PDF. One can use the tables 12 to 20 chart to teach multiplication and see how it improves your child’s memory.

Use of Multiplication Table of 12 to 20 in Maths

In the mathematical aspect, a multiplication table is an arithmetical table that is designed and is used to define the function of multiplication for an algebraic system. The table of decimal multiplication has been classically taught as a crucial part of elementary arithmetic across the globe, as it sets the substructure for mathematical operations with base-ten numbers. Many instructors have an opinion that it is highly significant for the children to memorize the tables majorly up to 9 or 15. This mathematical multiplication table is often attributed to the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras.

Importance of Learning Table of 12 to 20 in Maths in School

Multiplication builds a stepping stone for other mathematical concepts. Once a child is confident about their times table skills, mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, and division) become much easier. It also expands their knowledge of general mathematics as well as learning skills. Knowing 2 x 2 = 4 makes them understand that 20 x 20 = 400, and that the link between 20 ÷ 4 = 5 and 5 x 4 = 20.

Real-Life Application of Multiplication Table

It is a truly pivotal linking function of multiplication to real-life situations. Multiplication is required just about anywhere, whether you are buying a product/service, or selling an item or engaged in any financial transaction or even doing a logical reasoning. We need to use multiplication more often when buying groceries, fruits, vegetables, eggs, or even while cooking.

For example, we can literally find out how many oranges are enough for the family keeping in mind the members and likings. We perceive the importance of multiplication in a way that we are able to calculate the total cost of goods.

Ultimate Ways to Teach Multiplication 12 to 20 Table Chart

Math is one of the subjects that we need to master in order to not only graduate academically but in the race of life. That said, one of the most common questions that parents ask is, “Is there a good way to teach my child multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and fraction. Referring to tables 12 to 20 PDFs will make your child hit a milestone in making them learn algebraic operations. Check below the guidelines for parents/guardians helping their child learn all tables from 12 to 20:

  • Support your child when they get stuck or get it wrong, particularly when multiplying higher numbers.

  • Follow a practical approach such as the use of sticking a note to help children memorize the right answer and not stumble over the issue of setting the mind to the wrong answer.

  • Make the child carry a cheat sheet to deal with the problem.

  • Elevate the esteem of your children by rewarding their effort and for the progress they make even if they do not get it right.

Best Way to Practice Times Tables

  • Students should be encouraged to practice tables of 12 to 20 in Maths by both writing and verbally.

  • Determine a working tempo and let the students set the pattern. This can also be in the form of a rhyming or song.

  • Using visual mediums is also a good idea to practice with.

  • Irrespective of the times you cover multiplication, it is best to hang charts in the study room.

  • Teachers should also work upon finding the strength of each child in order to make sure that everyone is on board.

This practice module is important as those who would lack behind are likely to struggle in future lessons.

FAQs on Tables From 12 to 20

Q1. How can we Learn Multiplication From 1 to 20?

Answer: At this moment, students are better acquainted with the times table, and it is about time they begin memorizing it. Teachers are needed to make this learning process for students as fun as possible for them to participate.

Q2. How to Find Multiplication Tables From 12 to 20?

Answer: You can effectively find multiplication tables 12 tables till 20 at one of the promising online education portals- Vedantu. You can also get the table 12 to 20 PDF downloads for the full table in addition to worksheets and tables 12 to 20 HD images.

Q3. Will it Help to Quiz the Student Regularly to Make Them Learn Tables?

Answer: It’s a good idea to quiz children regularly with multiplication tables as it not only – fun but makes for super learning. In this process, you can test the student once they are confident that they have memorized the times table. You will find the fun activity games and quiz sessions for mathematics at Vedantu. Students from across the country are reaping benefits of Vedantu’s advanced learning modules and excelling in academics.

Q4. When is the Best Time to Plan Quizzes for Tables?

Answer: The ultimate trick for learning and remembering the 12 to 20 table math is when a student is not occupied in important school matters. It should be done when a student is free to attempt without fear of failure.