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Learn How to Write 5!

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Understanding the Importance of Numbers in Our Life

Have you ever imagined what life would be like without numbers? Life without numbers will be very hard. If there were no numbers then there wouldn't exist any calendars or time, nothing would be measured, and people would not know that they have too much or too little. So that's why understanding numbers is a very important part of our daily life. It's very important that children identify and learn numbers from an early age so they get ready for the more complex mathematical tasks which they will face in their school years.

Number 5

Number 5

How to Write the Number 5?

All small children love learning through playing. To make kids learn how to write numbers we should make it interesting so that they can enjoy learning.

The basic and the most common method is tracing the number.

So, to do this you need to use 2 strokes to write the number 5.

Step 1: Start from the blue headline and pull down to the blue midline then curve forward right ending above the red baseline and lift.

Step 2: Now go back to the starting point and slide right.

Your number 5 is ready!

Learning to Write the Number 5

Learning to Write the Number 5

In this way, we can write anything. Like by doing some practice on tracing we can easily know how to write 5 o'clock and how to write 5 paise in number.

Games to Learn the Number 5

It's very important to make learning enjoyable for small kids because it helps them to retain the information better.

Learning through fun provides a different perspective to children for solving the problems and helps kids to think out of the box. It makes them disciplined and creates goal oriented skills.

Just by writing the number 5 does not end their learning; they have to recognise that number, count that number and match it with its correct matching.

So let's see what are some interesting activities which make the learning easy and enjoyable for small kids

  1. Jump Over Number: In this activity you have to write the number on the floor and make your child jump on that number. It's not only mental exercise but also physical exercise too.

Jump Over Number

Jump Over Number

  1. Counting with petals: This is one of the most interesting activities. So for this you need to take the sheet of paper to make the flower base and then throw the dice and whatever the number comes ask your kid to add flower petals to it.

Counting with Petals

Counting with Petals

  1. On the salt: In this activity you need to take a tray and fill it with some salt and ask your child to write a number 5 on it or any other number.

Worksheet to Write Number 5

Worksheets are very important to make kids learn new letters or numbers. Through a worksheet they can explore multiple concepts and ideas. They can learn things on their own with the help of a worksheet.

Free Worksheet

Free Worksheet

Download free worksheets, such as the one shown above, from our website for your kids and make them learn how to write number 5.

Trace the Number 5

Trace the Number 5

Tips for Parents

Here are a few simple tips that parents can apply to teach their children the number 5.

  • Make them count their fingers.

  • Use numbers in their daily task.

  • Show the kids how to write numbers in the air.

  • Create the number stories to make them remember the sequence.

  • Teach them to trace the number with colour which not only makes it enjoyable for them but they also learn that number.

Parent Teaching Their Child

Parent Teaching Their Child


Learning how to write and remember the number is not an easy task for kids, but by practising and doing interesting activities they will not only enjoy learning but they also get involved in learning easily. So in this article we had learned about how to write the number 5 and many enjoyable and interesting activities were there to make the learning fun and easy for kids. We had also learned that learning numbers plays a very important role in the life of kids. It helps them to understand how the number system works and how the numbers relate to each other.

FAQs on Learn How to Write 5!

1. How can you write 5 in figure?

5 in figure is written as “FIVE”.

2. What do kindergarten children learn in the subject of Mathematics?

Kindergarten students learn about number names and how to count them in sequence in Maths.

3. If we write five, how many letters are there in it?

When we write five, we can see that there are 4 letters.