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How to Write Rupees in Words

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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Introduction on How to Convert Rupees into Words

The term "rupee" is also used to refer to the currencies of Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates (as the Gulf rupee), British East Africa, Burma, German East Africa (as the rupee or rupees), Tibet, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles, and Seychelles. The money in Indonesia and the Maldives is called the rupiah and the rufiyaa, two cognates of the word rupee.

One hundred paise (singular: paisa) orpiasters make up the Indian rupee (₹) and Pakistani rupee (Rs. The Nepalese rupee is divided into four sukaas or 100 paisa (both singular and plural). The rupees of Mauritius, the Seychelles, and Sri Lanka are divided into 100 cents each.

Generally, we used to write currencies in mathematical form, or you can say that in numerical form. In this article, we are going to convert that numerical form into an English word form. You will learn how to write rupees in English.

E.g: Numerical form:   10,  20,  500

Word form: ten rupees, twenty rupees, five hundred rupees

Types of Rupee

There were various types of rupees there, basically, all of the various rupees were in the form of coins and notes. E.g ₹1 coin / ₹ 1 note .

Indian Rupee: The official currency of India is the rupee (symbol ; code:INR). Although there are 100 paise in a rupee, the lowest-value coin in circulation as of 2019 is one rupee. The Reserve Bank of India has power over currency issuance. The Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934 established the Reserve Bank as the entity responsible for managing currency in India.

Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee

Pakistani Rupee

Pakistani Rupee

Mauritian Rupee

Mauritian Rupee

What is a Paisa

The paisa is a 0.01(one-hundredth) subdivision of the rupee, in Indian currency, it is introduced to help in the decimalization of the Indian rupee. Mathematically the relation between the Indian rupee and Indian paisa is

I.e 1 = \[100{\rm{p}}\]

How to Write Rupees in Words English

Rules of Converting Rupee/Paisa in Word 

1. The abbreviation used for a rupee is Re. and for 1-rupee it is Re. 1

2. Rupees is written in short, as Rs., as 5-rupees is written as Rs. 5

3. For paisa we write P. It is written after the number of Paisa.

For Example:

  • 50 paise is written as 50 p

  • 8 paisa is written as 8 p

4. Suppose we have to write a sum of money involving both rupees and paise. So to express an amount consisting of both rupees and paise, we use a small point which is called a decimal point. The numeral indicating rupees is written before this point and the numeral indicating paisa is written after the point. We write Rs. before the number of numerals.

For example

(i) 10 rupees, 40 paisa is written as Rs. 10.40

(ii) 8 rupees, 25 paisa is written as Rs. 8.25

(iii) 128 rupees, 43 paisa is written as Rs. 128.43

(iv) If the given number of paisa is in one digit, then it is made a two-digit numeral by putting 0 before the single digit.

7 rupees, 5 paisa is written as Rs. 7.05

12 rupees, 7 paisa is written as Rs. 12.07

5. (i) If the money is only in rupees, it is written as

\[8\] rupees \[ = \]Rs. \[8\]

\[15\] rupees \[ = \] Rs. 15

(ii) If the money is only in paisa, it is written as

\[45\] paisa \[ = \]Re. \[0.45\]

\[56\] paisa \[ = \] Re. \[0.56\]

\[8\] paisa \[ = \] Re. \[0.08\]

\[35\] paisa \[ = \] Re. \[0.35\]

Relation Between Rupee and Paise

These are the rules needed to follow while writing money in words and figures (rupees and paise).

One Rupee is equal to 100 Paise

₹ 1 = 100 Paise

The key point when rupee and paise both are given

Just understand that if there is X ₹ write it as X.00 and divide the amount of paisa by a hundred and add it to a rupee.

E.g : 10 ₹ , 5 p can be written as \[10.00 + \dfrac{5}{{100}} = 10.00 + 0.005 = {\rm{Rs}}.10.05\]

Solved Examples

1.  Write in Words.

(i) Rs. 27.75     - Twenty seven rupees- seventy five paisa

(ii) Rs. 34.50    - Thirty four rupees fifty paise

(iii) Rs. 62.25   - Sixty two rupees twenty-five paisa

(iv) Rs. 67.75   -Sixty-seven rupees seventy-five paisa

(v) Rs. 58.50    -Fifty-eight rupees fifty paise

2. Write the following in words:

(i) Rs.15.10

(ii) Rs. 33.75

(iii) Rs. 27.80

(iv) Rs. 43

(v) 10 p

(vi) Rs. 26.17


(i) Fifteen rupees and ten paise.

(ii) Thirty-three rupees and seventy-five paise.

(iii) Twenty-seven rupees and eighty paise.

(iv) Forty-three rupees

(v) Ten paise

(vi) Twenty-six rupees and seventeen paise.

3. Write the following in figures:

(i) Sixty-three rupees and twenty paise - Rs. 63.20

(ii) Forty-five rupees and sixty paise       -Rs. 45.60

(iii) Thirty-nine rupees and thirty paise  - Rs. 39.30

(iv) Seventy-eight rupees                          -Rs. 78

(v) Eighty-four rupees and ninety paise -Rs. 84.90

(vi) Fifty paise                                             -50p

(vii) Four rupees and sixty paise             -Rs. 4.60

Practice Questions 

1. Write in figures. 

(i) Sixty rupees and fifty paise.      

(ii) Forty-three rupees and seventy-five paise. 

(iii) Fifty-five rupees and twenty-five paise

(iv) Eighty-nine rupees and fifty rupees.

(v) Seventy-four rupees and seventy-five paise. 

(vi) Nineteen rupees and fifty paise.


(i)Rs. 60.50     

(ii) Rs. 43.75

(iii) Rs. 55.25

(iv) Rs. 89.50

(v) Rs. 74.75

(vi) Rs. 19.50

2. How to write rupees in words in cheque

Ans: While writing the cheque you need to write the word form of your amount as well as in the figure also, you need to verify and specify while writing the cheque.




We deal with rupees and paise in our daily lives. Nothing can be bought without money. Money is required to do everything. In ancient times, paise was also of use but now only rupees are in use. In this article, you will learn about Indian currency and how to convert it from word to figure and from figure to word. We also came to know that we needed to write the amount both in words and figures when writing a check.

FAQs on How to Write Rupees in Words

1. Is there any note available for paisa?

No, the paisa was introduced to help decimalize the rupee system, so there were only coins for the paisa.

2. How many rupees in 1 dollar?

\[1\]\[ = 79.66\] ₹ (currently in September 2022)

3. What are the denominations of notes issued in India?

Currently, the banknotes are issued in the denomination of  ₹10,₹20,₹50,₹100,₹200,₹500, and ₹2000.