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Same Number in Maths - Explained for Kids

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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What does the Same Number Mean?

The term ‘same number’ is nothing but a similar or identical number that is selected by more than one member in any of the activities performed. For example, more than one in a group selects the same number without knowing each other. Though it seems to be fun, it is completely a coincidence that happens for sure, where more than one person selects the same. In Maths, we can also call it permutations and we can watch it in a few real time games like housie and more.

Let us look at the same with an example from this article.

Same Number Example

Assume you're in a thirty-student class. The teacher instructs everyone to jot down a whole number between one and 225 in secret. Do you believe it's likely or unlikely that everyone will have a different number?

You might test it out in class a few times or play around with the simulation below.

In the scenario below, everyone of the 30 members chooses the same number.

Same number selected by 30 members

Same number selected by 30 members

The probable chances of selecting a number is given below.

Probability of selecting the same number by the students between 1 and 225

Probability of selecting the same number by the students between 1 and 225.

Birthday Problem

There is a famous mathematical problem called the Birthday Problem.

How many people do you need in a room so that the chance that there will be at least two people with the same birthday?

One way to solve this is to imagine that people enter the room one at a time and that each new person doesn't share a birthday with anyone already there. Here, we have to plan that, at a minimum of 730 people should be allowed. Since we have 365 days in a year, the probability of getting the same birthday date for at least 2 members can be possible if there are 2 persons with the same date.

Then, we have to ask them to share their birthday dates by writing them on a piece of paper. After that, we can check the papers and can find the probability of at least 2 members having the same birth dates.

This is a fun activity that we can perform to find the probable matches.


We can see the term same number in our daily lives, in many games and activities that we may perform. In addition, these are completely fun activities that can be performed with children by involving them in the concept as well. Ask your child to perform this with his/her friends.

FAQs on Same Number in Maths - Explained for Kids

1. What does the same number mean in Maths?

The same number in maths can be said as equals, the same as, equivalent, is equal to.

2. How to teach children about the same number?

You can teach children the same number by planning some activities or games that describe the concept.