NCERT Solutions for Class 3

Class 3 NCERT Solutions for Maths, EVS, English & Hindi

In class 3, students are introduced to certain concepts that are hard for them to understand easily. This may bring down their overall performance in the exams, because one needs to be thorough with all subjects and their concepts to score high in them. In such a scenario, seeking the assistance of tailor-made CBSE NCERT solutions may prove helpful.

At Vedantu, we strive to maintain a streamlined learning process on our e-learning platform that is easy to understand and easier to apply in practice. The NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the students and aims to address those queries that tend to arise frequently.

You can find chapter-wise NCERT solutions for all subjects online at our e-learning platform. If you practice the NCERT solutions PDF of each subject regularly, it will help you to score high in your exams. 

Following the pattern of Class 3 NCERT solutions will further help you understand how the questions of different subjects are answered and where their point of difference lies. 

Students can get all subjects’ updated solutions as per 2019-20 curriculum at Vedantu’s e-learning platform, and access NCERT solutions download at any time you need help with your homework or exam preparation. You can avail NCERT textbook Solution for Class 3 and strengthen your knowledge in each one. 

Following are the list of chapters that form the CBSE Board curriculum of class 3 and whose CBSE NCERT solutions Class 3 can be availed from Vedantu’s learning platform.

CBSE Board Class 3 Maths Curriculum

You may follow our simple NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 maths and make the learning experience fun and easy.

Here is a list of chapters that students can practise from our CBSE NCERT solution and make the learning process easy.

Chapter 1: Where to Look From

Chapter 2: Fun with Numbers

Chapter 3: Give and Take

Chapter 4: Long and Short

Chapter 5: Shapes and Designs

Chapter 6: Fun with Give and Take

Chapter 7: Time Goes On

Chapter 8: Who is Heavier?

Chapter 9: How Many Times?

Chapter 10: Play with Patterns

Chapter 11: Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 12: Can We Share?

Chapter 13: Smart Charts!

CHAPTER 14: Rupees and Paise

CBSE Board Class 3 EVS Curriculum

Learn about the importance of saving the environment and its components by keeping it safe, clean and protected by reading the chapters compiled for you. Improve your grasp on each chapter by availing our free NCERT solution for Class 3 EVS and score high in the upcoming exam. 

The following chapters comprise the scope of Class 3 EVS, and you can avail chapter-wise free download PDF from us to practice.

Chapter 1: Poonam’s Day Out

Chapter 2: The Plant Fairy

Chapter 3: Water O’ Water!

Chapter 4: Our First School

Chapter 5: Chhotu’s House

Chapter 6: Foods We Eat

Chapter 7: Saying without Speaking

Chapter 8: Flying High

Chapter 9: It’s Raining

Chapter 10: What is Cooking?

Chapter 11: From Here to There

Chapter 12: Work We Do

Chapter 13: Sharing Our Feelings

Chapter 14: The Story of Food

Chapter 15: Making Pots

Chapter 16: Games We Play

Chapter 17: Here Comes a Letter

Chapter 18: A House Like This

Chapter 19: Our Friends Animals

Chapter 20: Drop By Drop

Chapter 21: Families Can Be Different 

Chapter 22: Left Right

Chapter 23: A Beautiful Cloth

Chapter 24: A Web of Life

CBSE Board Class 3 English Curriculum

Master your grip over language and use of words by practising from our latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English and score exceptionally well in your upcoming exams. You may also refer the available NCERT solutions online and clarify all your doubts that you face while solving your English homework. It will also prove to be of great help while answering contextual questions of both poetry and prose.


The chapters that make up the Class 3 English curriculum include the following:

Unit 1 

Poetry: Good Morning

Prose: The Magic Garden

Unit 2 

Poetry: Bird Talk

Prose: Nina and the Baby Sparrows

Unit 3

Poetry: Little by Little

Prose: The Enormous Turnip

Unit 4

Poetry: Sea Song

Prose: A Little Fish Song

Unit 5

Poetry: The Balloon Man

Prose: The Yellow Butterfly

Unit 6

Poetry: Trains

Prose: The Story of the Road

Unit 7

Poetry: Puppy and I

Prose: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Unit 8

Poetry: What’s in the mailbox?

Prose: My Silly Sister

Unit 9

Poetry: Don’t Tell

Prose: My Brother is Unable to Walk

Unit 10

Poetry: How Creatures Moves

Poem: The Ship of the Desert

CBSE Board Hindi Curriculum

NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 for Hindi will help students to understand each chapter in details and will provide them with the necessary guidance to write to-the-point answers. With the practice of solved exercises from PDF free download, you can score high in every exam and increase aggregate scoring. In the Hindi solution, you will learn many fascinating stories, poems and anecdotes that will help to gain insights into the subject. 

These are the chapters that are a part of the Hindi syllabus:

Chapter 1: Kakku

Chapter 2: Sheikibaz Makhi

Chapter 3: Chand Vali Amma

Chapter 4: Maan Karta Hai

Chapter 5: Bhadur Bitoo

Chapter 6: Humse Sab Kehte 

Chapter 7: Tipatipava

Chapter 8: Bandar Baant

Chapter 9: Kab Aau

Chapter 10: Kyu Jimal Aur Kese Kisliya

Chapter 11: Mir Bhen Aur Bagh

Chapter 12: Jab Mujhe Saanp Ne Kata

Chapter 13: Mirch Ka Maaza

Chapter 14: Sabse Acha Pedh

Refer to an all-subject NCERT Class 3 solution as per the latest syllabus and be prepared for all the surprise tests that come your way in this academic year. Refer to our free download PDF and become familiar with not just the chapters but also with their themes and central ideas.

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