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What is Eighth?

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Meaning of Eighth - How it is Used in Maths and Fraction?

Eighth in the subject of Mathematics can be defined as the sequential number of 8. In another understanding, we can also say that eighth means the fraction in relation to 8 parts. Like ⅛, this will be read as one-eighth of a part.

We will learn more about eighth. The study of eighth will be done by the meaning of fraction, eighth meaning in general, and also the eighth meaning in Math. We will start our discussion with eight meanings in general.

What is Meant by Eighth in General?

The dictionary meaning of eighth is the ordinal number that corresponds to the number 8 in the number system. It also means one of the eight equal parts. The eighth as an ordinal number is positioned before 9 and after 7. The other word for eighth is the octave, which is also used in the musical language.

This was the general meaning of eighth. Now, let us know the eighth meaning in Maths.

Eighth in Mathematics

In the study of Maths, we learn the meaning of eight moreover in the terms of fractions. One-eighth means one part of the equal section of eight parts. Two-eighths mean one quarter and four-eighths make a half section. We use eighths while we split any cake and make them into quarters and then divide each of those quarters in half.

You can understand eighth properly while learning eighth in terms of the fraction. Let us learn the same in the next section.

Eighths in Fraction

Eighth in terms of a fraction means the sequential number of eighths in the number system. Eighths help us understand how many parts are being covered in the whole parts of the eighth. We will present the various fractional forms of eighth which will make our discussion clearer.

Eighths Fractions:

Eight over eight represented as 8/8

Eight over eight represented as 8/8

  • 1/8 can be read as one-eighth or one over eight.

  • 2/8 can be read as two-eighths or two over eight.

  • 3/8 can be read as three-eighths or three over eight.

  • 4/8 can be read as four-eighths or four over eight.

  • 5/8 can be read as five-eighths or five over eight.

  • 6/8 can be read as six-eighths or six over eight.

  • 7/8 can be read as seven-eighths or seven over eight.

  • 8/8 can be read as eight-eighths or eight over eight.

This was all about a basic study on eighth, you will need this learning especially while you solve fractional sums. Likewise, there are other fractions like fourth, or fifth, all these will be solved similarly. If you would like to practice the sums on this, then you can practice the fractional exercise of one-eighth.

FAQs on What is Eighth?

1. What do you mean by three-eights in a fraction?

Three-eights in a fraction means that out of eight parts only three parts are indicated, i.e., 3/8 in fractional form and 0.375 in real number form. 

2. How many one-eighths make a half?

To make a half we need to have four 1/8, i.e., we need to add 1/8 four times. Therefore, we get 4x 1/8 = 1/2.