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CBSE Class 8 Maths Chapter 11 - Mensuration Formulas

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Mensuration Formulas for CBSE Class 8 Maths - Free PDF Download

Mathematics is one of the essential subjects of Class 8 curriculum. In the CBSE Class 8 mathematics syllabus, several chapters of the different mathematical parts are included. Chapter 11 of the Class 8 mathematics syllabus is all about Mensuration. Mensuration is a geometric part of mathematics. This branch concerns the measure of length, volume, area of various solid and plane figures of geometry. This branch of mathematics provides the primary knowledge of geometry to students. Chapter 11 Mensuration formulas for Class 8 is mentioned here. There are the formulas of perimeter and area of different geometric figures in this chapter. Students should read all formulas of Mensuration Class 8 sincerely. Vedantu is a platform that provides free NCERT Solution and other study materials for students. Download Maths NCERT Solutions Class 8 to help you to revise complete syllabus ans score more marks in your examinations.Science Students who are looking for NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science will also find the Solutions curated by our Master Teachers really Helpful.

Essential Terms For The Formulas of Mensuration Class 8

There are some general measurement terms for Mensuration formulas Class 8. The definition and a brief description of those terms are given here.

Perimeter: The boundary length of the plane figures is called the perimeter. The unit of the perimeter is km or m or cm.

Area: The boundary closed surface of any solid geometric figure is the area. The unit of area is km^2 or m^2 or cm^2.

Surface Area: The sum of the surface area of any three-dimensional figure is called the surface area.

Lateral Surface Area: The top and bottom surface areas of any three-dimensional figure are called lateral surface areas.

Volume: Volume is the amount of space captured by any three-dimensional figure.

Radius: The radius of a circular base is also the radius of a three-dimensional figure.

Height: The length of the axis of any solid three-dimensional figure is height.

Here, we have provided all two-dimensional figure Mensuration Class 8 formulas in a tabular form.

Formulas of Two Dimensional Figure - Table will be updated soon.

(image  will be uploaded soon)

Here are the menstruation Class 8 formulas of the measurements of cubes and cuboids.

Formula of Volume and Surface Area of Cube and Cuboid - Table will be updated soon.

The right circular cylinder is a unique three-dimensional figure. The Mensuration formulas Class 8 of the right circular cylinder are mentioned below in the table.

Formula of Volume and Surface Area of Right Circular Cylinder - Table will be updated soon.

Solved Examples

1. Calculate the area of a square. The side length of the square is 20 m.


The side length, a = 20 m.

Hence, the area of the square = a2

= (20)2 m2

= 400 m2

2. Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. The length is 5 m, and the width is 3 m.


The length, L = 5 m.

The width, B = 3 m.

Therefore, the perimeter of the rectangle is 

2 (L+B) 

= 2 (5+3) m

= 16 m.

3. Find out the area and perimeter of a circle. The radius is 7 m.


The radius of the circle, r = 7m.


The parameter of the circle, 


= (2π × 7) m

= 44 m

The area of the circle, 


= (π × 72) m2

= 154 m2

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Maths Chapter 11 - Mensuration Formulas

Q1. From Where can I get all Formulas of Maths Class 8 Mensuration?

Ans: Mensuration Class 8 formulas are the main topic of Chapter 11. This chapter is one of the most vital chapters of the Class 8 mathematics syllabus. Students learn the introduction of geometry in this chapter. Students should read the formulas and practise them repeatedly. As they learn all the formulas for Mensuration Class 8 collectively, an organized formula list is required for them. This formula list is not given in the textbook organizing. There are several educational applications and websites, that provide Mensuration formulas Class 8 in an organized form. The students can download the PDF of the formulas and study as per their convenience.

Q2. Why is the List of Mensuration Class 8 Formulas Necessary for the Students?

Ans: Geometry is a crucial part of mathematics. The students should have prior knowledge of this part from an early age. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has included the menstruation chapter in the Class 8 mathematics syllabus to introduce geometry. Students will get the knowledge of different geometrical figures and their measurements in this chapter. There are the formulas of the geometrical figure in chapter 11. To learn Geometry correctly, the students should read the formulas accurately. To read formulas and remember them, the students need an organized formula list. It will help them in learning the formulas and applying them correctly.