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Can You Recognise All These Figures Called Shapes?

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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Do You Know What is a Shape?

I was wondering today morning, why do my toys look so different? The ball looks different, and the blocks are so different from each other. Even the fruits and vegetables look different. Why is it so? This is so because they have different shapes. Let us understand with an example:

Blocks of different shapes

Blocks of different shapes

We can see that all the blocks shown above look different from each other but they have a particular pattern. Let us understand.

What are Different Geometry Shapes?

There are many different patterns, which are called geometric shapes. Every pattern has a particular name. Let’s dive deeper into the shapes:

Square: This is a geometric shape that has four sides. The most interesting thing about this shape is that all the sides of this shape are equal. Do you want to see what it looks like? Here it is:

A Square

A Square

Rectangle: This shape is like a brother to a square. Rectangle also has four sides but it does not have equal sides. But, the opposite sides of this shape are equal. Have a look what it looks like:

A Rectangle

A Rectangle

Triangle: Remember a slice of pizza?

A slice of pizza

A slice of pizza

This shape is called a triangle. It has three sides.

Circle: This shape is very interesting and you can identify it very easily. Do you know why? Because it does not have any sides. Interesting, right? But you must be wondering if it does not have any sides; what does it look like? So, here it is:

Clock Ex of  A circle

A Circle

Oval: This shape is similar to a circle but not the same. What will happen if you pull the circle from two sides? Tell tell! It will become an oval. Hi Hi Hi!!! Want to see what it looks like? Here it is:

Oval shape

Image: Oval shape

Heart: I am very sure you know what a heart looks like. It is made with two curved lines which meet at a point. And it looks like this:

A heart shape

A heart

Star: You might have seen so many stars twinkling in the night sky. Can you draw that on paper? Draw the star and it will look like this:

A star

A star

So, now that we have learned the basic shapes, let us have a look at the examples of different shapes.

Real-life Examples of Different Geometry Shapes

Here are some examples of square-shaped objects:

Name of the Objects

Chess Board




Carrom Board

Now, let us look at some circle shaped objects:

Name of the Objects




A whole Pizza


Let’s look at some oval shaped objects:

Name of the Object






That was really nice, wasn't it? Let us now look at the triangle shaped objects:

Name of the Objects

A slice of pizza


Icecream cone


Nachos Chips

Now, it’s time for some rectangle shaped objects around us:

Name of the Object


Pencil box



Mobile phone

Exercise on Shapes

Today, you have learnt a lot of things and now, it’s time for an exercise. You have to identify the type of shape by looking at the images. Can you do that?

  1. The moon
    (The moon) - ______

  2. The heart
    (The heart) - ______

  3. The egg
    (The egg) - _____

  4. The Blackboard
    (The Blackboard) - _____

  5. The star
    (The star) - _____

  6. Cheese
    (Cheese) - _____

  7. Rubik's Cube
    (Rubik's Cube) - _____

Let us check the answers now.

  1. The moon - Circle Shape
    (The moon) - Circle

  2. The heart - Heart Shape
    (The heart) - Heart

  3. The egg - Oval Shape
    (The egg) - Oval

  4. The Blackboard - Rectangle Shape
    (The Blackboard) - Rectangle

  5. (The star) - Star Shape
    (The star) - Star

  6. (Cheese) - Triangle Shape
    (Cheese) - Triangle

  7. (Rubic’s Cube) - Square Shape
    (Rubic’s Cube) - Square

Rhymes on Different Geometric Shapes

Would you like to learn some rhymes on shapes? Here are a few:

Make a Circle, Make a Square

Make a circle, make a circle,

Draw it high in the sky.

Use your finger, use your finger,

Make it round, as round as pie.

Make a square, make a square,

Make the lines nice and straight.

Make a square, make a square,

You could draw one or draw eight.

Make a triangle, make a triangle,

Always start at the top.

Make a tent shape for a triangle,

Use three lines, and then you stop!

Circle Song

Come on, all join hands,

Make a circle round.

Circle left, circle right,

Turning all around.

Coins, wheels, buttons and rings,

All are circles round.

Everywhere you go today,

Circles can be found.


Did you enjoy learning the shapes? Well, we have a lot more for you. Just like you have learned shapes, you can also learn a lot of things from Vedantu. You can tell your parents to explore our page and enjoy your learning. Have a good day!!

FAQs on Can You Recognise All These Figures Called Shapes?

1. Can I sing rhymes to introduce shapes to my kids?

Yes, you can sing rhymes to introduce shapes to your child. You can refer to the rhymes given here or can explore other rhymes as well.

2. What are the basic geometric shapes?

The basic geometric shapes are: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, and Circle.