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Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Quart Meaning

Quart is a way to measure volume, i.e. how much a liquid container can hold in both  British Imperial and US customary measurements. A quart is equivalent to one quarter of a gallon or 2 pint

The British imperial system uses one standard imperial quart for both dry and liquid measure, which is equivalent to two imperial pints or one-fourth imperial gallons. The US Customary system has 2 units known as quarts, one for liquid measure and the other is the slightly larger unit for dry measures. 

The quart was initially an English unit for both dry and liquid measure that varies between 0.95 and 1.16 litres, approximately close to its modern equivalent.

Imperial Quart

An imperial quart is used for both dry and liquid measure and is exactly equivalent to 1.1365225 litres or one-quarter of an imperial gallon. The value of 1 imperial quart in the different unit are as follows:

The value of one Imperial Quart = ¼ Imperial Gallons =  two Imperial Pints = forty Imperial Fluid Ounces = 69.355 Cubic inches = 38.430 US Fluid Ounces.

Half a Quart

Pint is a unit of volume (smaller than a quart) in both the British imperial system and the US Customary system that is equivalent to half a quart. In other words, we can say half a quart is equivalent to one pint. 

What is One Quart?

As discussed above half a quart is equal to one pint. Accordingly,

One Quart = 2 Pint = 4 Cups = 32 Fluid Ounces


Two Quart = 4 Pint = 8 Cups = 64 Fluid Ounces

Note: A cup and fluid ounces is also a unit of capacity or volume smaller than a pint, quart, and gallons.

Quart in Gallons

Quart and gallons are the unit of measurements for volume in both the US customary and imperial systems of measurement. The quart is widely used in the US and UK, though in the UK, the use of litre is now mandatory as a result of metrics. On the other hand, a gallon is widely used for large containers such as half-gallon cups of ice cream or 1-gallon cartons of milk in the United States.

To convert quart in a gallon, you should remember that 1 quart (US) is equal to 0.25 gal (US). So to convert 5 quarts in a gallon, we need to multiply 5 by 0.25.

What is a Quart of Water in Litres?

A quart is a unit of volume or capacity in both British Imperial and US customary measurements. In the US, a liquid quart of water is approximately equivalent to 0.946353 litres or a dry quart is approximately equivalent to 1.101221 litres.

Quarts in a Pound

A quart is a unit of volume whereas a pound is a unit of mass in the  British Imperial system, United States customary, and other units of measurement. One Quart is equal to 2.086351113 pounds. So to convert 5 quarts in a pound we need to multiply 5 by 2.086351113.

Solved Questions

1. How to Convert 3 Quarts in a Gallon?


As we know 1 quart (US) = 0.25 gallons(US)

So, to convert 3 quarts in a gallon, we need to multiply 3 by 0.25.


3 Quarts = 3 x 0.25 gallons

3 Quarts = 0.75 gallons

2. How to Convert 2 qt in Pounds?


As we know 1 quart = 2.086351113 pounds

So, to convert 2 qt in a gallon, we need to multiply 2 by 2.086351113.


2 qt = 3 x 2.086351113 pounds

2 qt = 4.17 pounds.

FAQs on Quart

1. Define Quart.

Ans. The quart (abbreviated as qt) is a unit of volume of measurement that equals 4 quarts, also known as quarter gallons. The quart is divided into 2 pints (in the US) or 4 cups. In actuality, the accurate size of the quart has diversified with the distinct values of gallons over some time concerning different commodities.

2. What are the Three Types of Gallons that are Currently Used?

Ans. Three types of quarts that are currently used are the liquid quart and dry quart for the US Imperial system and the imperial quart of the British Imperial system.  The value of all the 3 quarts is approximately equal to 1 litre.

3. What is the Relationship of a Gallon With Other Units?

Ans. In the US customary system and the British Imperial System, a gallon is a unit of measurement both for volume and fluid capacity. A gallon is larger than a pint, quart, and cup. Both the US liquid and imperial gallon split into four quarts (also known as quarter gallons), which further splits into two pints, which in turn splits into two cups. Thus, we can say gallons are equal to four quarts, eight pints, and sixteen cups.