Place Value Worksheets

What is Place Value?

  • Place value in Mathematics can be defined as something that describes the position or place of a digit in a number.

  • Each digit has a proper place in a number. 

  • When a number is represented in a general form, the position of each of the digits in the number will be expanded.

  • These positions start from a position known as the unit place or we can also call it as one’s position. After the units place, it comes tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand and it goes on.

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In this article, we are going to discuss what is place value, place value worksheets, free math place value worksheets,the difference between place value and the face value in Mathematics. Let us understand with the help of an example, say suppose 31476, and see below the place value of each digit.

So for the number 31476,

  1. The place value of 6 is 6 ( Units place)

  2. The place value of 7 is 70 (Tens place)

  3. The place value of 4 is 400 (Hundred’s place)

  4. The place value of 1 is 1000 ( Thousand’s place)

  5. The place value of 3 is 30000 (Ten thousand’s place)

Chart for Place Value - 

Place value charts in Mathematics help us to make sure that the digits are in the correct places. To identify the positional values of numbers accurately, we need to follow these steps-

Step 1) First you need to write the digits in the place value chart.

Step 2) Then you need to write the numbers in a usual manner and the standard form. 

Step 3) You have been provided with the place value chart of the Indian System for the reference. You can easily go through this chart, and find the place value of any given number.

Place Value Chart for Indian System –

Place Value Chart (Indian System)





Ten Crores


(10, 00,00,000)


(1, 00,00,000)

Ten Lakhs (TL)





Ten- Thousands (TTh)


Thousands (Th)


Hundreds (H)




Ones(First Number from right)



Here are a Few Examples for Better Understanding!


Place Value 


1-  0

1-  00

1-  000

4-  4000


5-  5 

6-  60 

7- 700

5- 5,000

4- 40,000

3- 3,00,000

What are Place Value Worksheets?

The reason why Place Value chart Worksheets or Place value abacus worksheets are helpful for Students-

The Place Value chart Worksheets or place value abacus worksheets function the right source of study materials to the students of varied classes. The questions are designed with the CBSE exam perspective and improve the mathematical skills of the students .These are of great help for the students to find out and practice the way to find the place values of the decimal numbers.

Many students find it harder to unravel the decimal problems. Hence, this place value worksheet or place value abacus worksheets helps the students to become perfect altogether the mathematical problems that involve decimals and also integers. The sheets, designed as per the syllabus in CBSE and Guidelines and impart excellent problem-solving skills to the students .
The Place value worksheets cover the topics like whole numbers, decimal numbers, and also the place value charts. These help the students to realize a sound knowledge and understanding of place values to excel in math. These worksheets also assist the students in calculating, estimating and even on the way to conceptualize the solutions for the mathematical problems.

The Place Value Worksheets Cover Wide Range of Subjects, the Points are Listed Below-

  1. The number in words worksheets of place value worksheets generally helps the students to know how to write whole numbers in the form of words and it also converts number names into numeric form.

  2. The abacus worksheets are considered as a useful study material for the students. It helps the students to learn about the place as well as decimal values of different numbers. It helps the students to practice on how to find the place value of figures up to the four digits or more.

  3. Students can also make use of the base ten blocks to locate the place value of numbers either by decomposing or composing of numbers.

  4. The place value charts helps the students to know where and how to find and how to apply the decimal point and also how to locate the place values of numbers.

  5. The worksheets also consist of questions on how and where to add commas at specific places in the number, write short word form of any given number, find the value of each of the digit and also to find the equivalent place value and to find largest and smallest numbers etc.

Solved Examples of Place Value –

Question 1) Write down the place values of 9 in the following numbers.

  1. 45,090

  2. 419

  3. 67,89,900

Solution) Let’s find the place values of 9 in the given numbers –

  1. For the number 45,090 - 9 is in tens place (90).

  2. For the number 419 – 9 is in one’s place (9).

  1. For the number 67, 89, 900 - 9 is in hundreds (900).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is Place Value and Value and What is Face Value?

Ans. In our decimal number system, the value of a digit generally depends on its place, or the position of the digits, in the given number. Each place has a value of 10 times the place to its right in any given number. A number in standard form always separated into different groups of digits using commas.

Face value can be defined as the exact value of the number irrespective of its place. Suppose in the number 9320 the face value of 2 is always 2, irrespective of its place.

Q2. Why do Students Struggle with Place Value and What is the Place Value of 0 in 109, 4,076 and 5,07,865?

Ans. Many young children have difficulty with place value because it is abstract. Young children are concrete learners, meaning they need sensory experiences to develop their learning. Using manipulatives, such as base-ten blocks, can help students connect the abstract with more concrete representations. The place value of 0 in the number 109 is tens and the place value of 0 in the number 4,076 is hundreds and the place value of 0 in the number 5,07,865 is ten thousand.