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Tallest Definition in Maths

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What do you mean by Tallest?

The term tallest means having the maximum height among a group of things.

For example,

Tallest Person

Tallest Person

In the above image, we can see Shashi is the tallest student in her class. This means that among all the students in the class, Shashi has the maximum height i.e. 159 cm.

Tallest Definition

The term “Tallest” is defined as having the maximum of greatest height.


Tallest Giraffe

Tallest Giraffe

In the above example, the giraffe is the tallest as it is having the maximum height i.e. 18 ft. The height of human, elephant, and ostrich is 6 ft, 10.5 ft, and 9 ft respectively.

Let us look at the real - life example of tallest.

1. Which Is The Tallest Building of The World?

Tallest Building

Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is declared as the tallest building of the world with a maximum height of 828 meter (2,717 feet).

2. Tallest Person In The World

Tallest Person

Tallest Person

American Robert Wadlow from Illinois is declared as the tallest person in the world. His height was incredibly 8 feet 11 inches.

3. Tallest Woman In The World

Zeng Jinlian from Hunan Province, China is declared as the tallest woman in the World. Her height was incredibly 8 feet 1 inch.

Tallest Woman

Tallest Woman

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FAQs on Tallest Definition in Maths

1. Are the terms higher and taller the same thing?

The term tall is used when something is above the average height. For example, we use the term tall with buildings, things, or people. Whereas the term high is used to describe the elevation of something from the ground. It also determines the height of something from a fixed point. For example, we use the term high with mountains. The term “high” is not used with people.

2. Differentiate between highest and tallest mountain.

The peak of the highest mountain is farther away from the sea level whereas the peak of the tallest mountain is farther away from the base of the mountain.