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Yard in Maths and Its Current Uses

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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What is an Yard?

You might have heard the term yard in your daily life. It is a unit of measurement for length or distance. The abbreviation or you can say the short representation of the word yard is yd. Hence, if you want to write 7 yards, you can also write 7 yd. In the United States units, the value of 1 yard is equal to 3 feet or 36 inches.

In the Metric System, the measurement of one yard is equal to exactly 0.9144 metres. For example, the value of 9 yards will be equal to 90.9144=8.2296 metres. A distance of 1 mile is equal to 1,760 yards. For example, the length of the guitar in the following figure is one yard. To know more about the yard and its uses, continue reading ahead.

The Length of the Guitar

The Length of the Guitar

Current Uses of Yard

Some uses of the yard unit are discussed below.

  1. In Canadian and American associations of football, a yard is used as the standard unit of measurement of the field length. It is also the same for the cricket pitch dimensions. In some countries, it is used for the measurement of a golf fairway.

  2. In the United Kingdom, yards are the legal requirement on road signs for shorter distances and are also frequently found in the conversation between Britons much like in the United States for distance.

  3. It is also used in the textiles and fat quarters where the yard is subdivided into eighths and is used for the purchase of fabrics in the United States and the United Kingdom. The terminology called fat quarter is used in the United States for a piece of fabric. Another term named fat eighth is also used for a piece of one quarter $(\frac{1}{4})$ yard from half the roll width, the same area as 1/8 cut from the roll.

  4. The quarter of a yard was referred to as the "quarter" without further qualification while the sixteenth of a yard was referred to as a nail.

Conversion of Yard to Feet and Yard to Inches

A foot is also a unit of length measurement. Its symbol is represented as “ft”.

1 yard = 3 feet


1 feet = 0.3333 yards

An inch is also another unit of measurement. The symbol for an inch is the double prime (″).

1 yard = 36 inches


1 inch = 0.0277777777778 yards


The above article discusses the unit of measurement which is a yard. The uses of the yard in modern times and its conversion to feet and inches are also provided. Students must read the whole article for a better understanding of the concept of measurement of distance.

FAQs on Yard in Maths and Its Current Uses

1. Why do we use the yard?

You may have learnt about units of measurement of distance such as centimetres, metres, and kilometres. In the same way, a yard is also a unit of measurement of distance or length. One yard is equal to three feet. When we need to measure the distance, the yard is used and it can be converted in feet, inches as per the requirement.

2. What is a yard in Maths?

Sometimes yard is misinterpreted with the garden which is also referred to as the yard. But yard in Maths is a unit of measuring distance. It is equal to 36 inches or three feet. We are required to measure distance in yards sometimes such as in the textile industry and sports. In sports, the length of the field is measured in yards.