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Measurement Formulas

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Uses of Measurement Formulas

It is used to measure something. It is an approximation of ratios of quantity. Measurement is made by comparing a quantity using a standard unit. They are incorporated to determine the size, length or amount of something. Measurement Formulas are used to identify the area, surface area, volume, circumference, distance, etc. They also account for some conversion formulas such as conversion of an inch to feet, meter to miles etc.

Circumference of a Circle Formula

In order to compute the circumference of a circle, multiply the diameter of the circle using π (pi). The circumference of a circle can also be calculated by using the circumference formula of multiplying 2×radius with pi (π=3.14).

C = 2 πr

C = circumference

π = the constant pi

r = radius of the circle

Measurement of 2-D Shapes

A square is a 2 dimensional shape whereas a cube is a 3 dimensional object. 2D shapes, as the name implies, consists of only two of these measurements. A 2-D shape does not have any depth.

Since 2-D objects consist of two dimensions, their measurement can be conducted in two ways, we can either compute the area they preoccupy or the perimeter (that is, the length of their boundary).

Mean Mode Median Formula

The mean is similar to the average value of a data set and is determined with the help of calculation. Sum up all of the numbers and divide by the number of numbers in the data set. If there are 2 numbers in the centermost, the median is the average of those two numbers. The mode is the number in a data set that takes place most commonly.

Some of the Important Measurement Formulas

Some of the Measurement Formulas are Given below:

  • Area Formula

  • Circumference Formula

  • Perimeter

  • Distance Formula

  • Unit Conversion

Solved Examples


Calculate the area of a triangle with base 5 units and height 9 units?


Base = 5 units

Height = 9 units

Area of a Triangle = base∗height = 4×9

= 45²

= 3√5 (6.7)sq.units


The dimensions of a rectangular park are 12 yards and 5 yards. Identify its area.


The area of a rectangle is the product of its length and width.

Thus, Area = 12×5=60 yard²

FAQs on Measurement Formulas

Q1. What is the Volume of Solid Shapes?

Answer: Volume is the space occupied or circumscribed by any 3-D object or solid shape. Initial volume of liquid in the can = 15 units, Volume of water when the object is put inside the can = 50 units. Thus, the volume of the object = 50 – 15 = 35 units

Identifying the volume of an object can aid us to find the amount needed to fill that object. For instance, the amount of water in a bottle.

Q2. What is the Time Measurement?

Answer: Time is the ongoing order of events occurring. It is used to measure the duration of the events. It also enables us to set the start time or the end time of events.

Q3. What is the Surface Area?

Answer: The surface area of a solid shape is an integrated area of all its faces. Therefore, the surface area of a solid object with flat faces is the collaborated area of all its faces.