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Number 13 in Maths: Activities for Kids and Fun Facts

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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What is Thirteen?

The number 13 in Maths represents a value of a quantity that is thirteen in the count. It is a whole number that is greater than 10 and lies between 12 and 14. The number name of 13 is thirteen. Examples of thirteen numbers are given below. In the following figure, there are thirteen buttons and thirteen frogs. You can count them.

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Examples of number thirteen

In this article, you will learn about the number thirteen with fun.

Activities for Kids

Children will learn about the numbers when they will observe the things around them and count them. Parents or teachers can ask their kids to count the things in their surroundings which are thirteen in number. You can write down numbers and ask your child to draw that quantity. You can also ask them to count fingers and toes.

Number 13

Number 13

Fun Facts About Number Thirteen

  • 13 number is not divisible by number 2. Hence, it is an odd number.

  • A prime number is a number that can be divided exactly only by itself. Hence, 13 is also a prime number.

  • A quantity of thirteen is called a baker's dozen or a devil's dozen in a baking batch. It is one more than a standard dozen for the baker to test.


The above article is useful for kids to learn about the number 13 in Maths. Examples of objects that are 13 in the count are provided with figures which will give a visualisation to kids of number thirteen because kids are more prone to learn through figures and images.

FAQs on Number 13 in Maths: Activities for Kids and Fun Facts

1. How to teach counting to a kid?

It is a challenging task for a teacher or a parent to teach counting to a preschooler or a kid as it is not only to make them learn to count but also visualise them with examples. We can do some activities with kids in order to teach kids counting. For example, we can hold up all 10 of our fingers and teach them to count to ten by counting our fingers. Hence, we are required to incorporate numbers into the daily tasks of our kids such as playing any number games with a group of kids.

2. Give some examples of number 13 which can be told to a kid while teaching number 13?

When we are teaching number thirteen to a kid, it is important to give them some examples of things that are in the count of number 13. They will remember such examples for a long time and will be able to learn counting faster. For example, you can tell them facts related to number 13 which are actually in count in number 13 such as the number of stars in the great seal of the United States, the number of cards in each suit in a deck of cards, and the number of players in a rugby league.