NCERT Solutions for Class 1

Class 1 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English & Hindi

Students of Class 1 are introduced to the academic learning process as per the NCERT syllabus for the first time through different subjects like English, Hindi, and Maths. Hence, as per the CBSE curriculum, they start learning various concepts through these subjects.

To help the students prepare for their exams as per this curriculum, Vedantu thus introduces Class 1 NCERT Solutions. Available in the PDF format, these solutions are compiled for better understanding and grasp of the subjects from the initial stage of learning. The lessons in these NCERT solutions online adhere to the syllabus outline of the CBSE board and have the latest inclusions according to the 2018-19 curriculum. 

When preparing their children for the upcoming tests and exams, parents can thus refer to these CBSE NCERT solutions, and provide proper guidance to help them score high. At Vedantu, we also provide students of Class 1 to 12 with subject-wise free download PDF of these solutions that can assist them in improving their overall learning experience. Students can thus find these NCERT solutions PDF online and download them with ease.