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Probability Worksheets

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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An Introduction

For scoring good marks in the Mathematics examination one needs a lot of practice. Here we provide a geometric probability worksheet pdf on all of the important math topics for CBSE Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. With the help of these geometric probability worksheets pdf, the students can practice very well and improve their preparation level for the final exams.

Go through all the important topics that all the student needs to know, which includes integers, algebra, decimals, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, time, measurement, and much more. Students can match the solutions with the answer keys and get appropriate feedback to analyze mistakes and correct them.

What is Probability?

Probability is known as the chance of some of the events to occur. When we need to know about the probability of a particular event which has to take place, we think of the chances that we expect in accordance with every possibility that can happen.

When you aren't sure about the result of a specific event, you'll specify the chances or how likely the result. Analyzing the events that are governed by probability is known as Statistics. Statistics Problems can be solved using math formulas.

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A simple example that defines the basics of probability is flipping a coin.

We will get two possible outcomes when a coin is flipped, i.e,



What will be the probability for a fair coin (which has two different faces) that it lands on the Heads?

Since there are only two possible outcomes which will occur out of 1, hence the probability of the coin landing on Heads would be

P(H) = Heads / Tails + Heads = ½

Hence, P(H) = 0.5 or 50%

Here, we bring you the geometric probability worksheet pdf to assist you in improving within the probability concepts that also include applied mathematics, probability statistics along with applications of probability.

Probability Formula

The probability formula is defined because of the likelihood of an occasion to happen. It is equal to the ratio of the number of favorable results and the total number of outcomes. The formula for the probability of an occasion to occur is given by:

P(E) = Total Number of the favorable outcomes/Total Number of the outcomes

Probability Worksheet for Class 9

  • Two coins are tossed at the same time for 400 times and we get 2 heads which equals 180 times, one head = 148 times, and no head = 70 times. If two coins are tossed at random, what is the probability of getting 2 heads, 1 head and 0 heads.

  • According to the meteorological report for 300 consecutive days during a year, its weather outlook was correct 180 times. Out of those days, at some point was chosen randomly, what's the probability that the weather outlook was correct thereon day and not correct there on the day.

  • In a match, a batsman hit the boundary 5 times out of 40 balls played by him. Find the probability that the boundary isn't hit by the ball.

  • In a survey of 200 ladies, it was found that 142 like coffee, while 58 dislike it. Find the probability that a woman chose at the present likes coffee and dislikes coffee.

  • In an ongoing cricket match, a batsman hits boundary 6 times in 30 balls he plays. Find the probability that he didn't hit a ball.

Probability Worksheet for Class 10

  • The 10th-grade probability worksheets are mentioned as follows:

  • A coin is tossed once, what's the probability of getting a head.

  • A die is thrown only once, so find the probability of getting a decent number and a multiple of three,

  • Two dice are thrown at an equivalent time, and the probability that the sum of two numbers appearing on the highest of the dice is quite nine.

  • A bag has 5 red balls and some blue balls. If the probability of drawing a blue ball from the bag is supposed to be three times that of the red ball, then what will be the number of blue balls within the bag.

  • One card is drawn randomly from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. Find the probability that the card that is drawn may be a king, a red 8, a spade, a red card, the six of the club, and a face card.

  • Above are the mentioned points for the 10th-grade probability worksheets.

The terms- Mathematics and practice are often found to be synonymous with each other. There is no concept in math that one has ever mastered without practicing it sincerely. In order to apply it practically, students should have appropriate resources. Worksheets are considered to be important for assessing your clarity and understanding of any or every chapter. 

You can find access to all the CBSE worksheets for free on the website of Vedantu. All you need to do is select your class and the particular topic you want to ace. 

Probability is considered to be one of the easiest chapters in math. In addition, students find it fun to take out the probability of certain events. For example- flipping a coin to toss for your cricket match. 

However, it's important that you look at the topic from an examination point of view.  Upto class 8, students are taught the basic probability however in grade 9, they are introduced to the standard probability. For scoring well in these board classes, it's important that students practice their worksheets on a regular basis. 

Benefits of referring to CBSE worksheets of Probability for class 9 and class 10

Unlike other chapters of math, Probability does not contain many exercises. The chapter is based on your knowledge of the basics. In order to understand the questions, students should remember things like- sides of a coin, numbers on the dice, names in a card pack etc. 

CBSE worksheets are totally based on your NCERT textbook. Students can use these worksheets for their revision purpose. 

  • At times, students take this chapter less seriously as compared to others. These worksheets will help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses related to the concepts covered in this chapter. 

  • In addition to the NCERT syllabus, CBSE worksheets also help to boost your analytical skills. Experts make sure that students take out the answer on their own.

  • The formulas for probability are quite important in order to solve the questions. These worksheets help in the application of the formulas in different types of questions.

  • CBSE worksheets are considered to be highly beneficial to gain confidence. If your child faces a lack of confidence or examination anxiety even after preparing well, make them solve these worksheets on a daily basis. 

  • These worksheets are also important for the students who want to take up maths as one of their main 5 subjects in classes 11 and 12. 

  • The formulas and theoretical explanation of probability formulas and concepts work as the base foundation for the level of probability you will encounter in higher classes. 

  • These worksheets are easily accessible in both offline and online modes. Students are advised to make organized categories for the division of their chapters under a particular chapter. 

  • You can also take out the printouts of these worksheets and solve the questions with ease. This will further help you in taking a quick glance before the day of your examination.

  • Experts at Vedantu make sure to add detailed answers to each question. The questions of probability in the CBSE worksheets are followed by their answers in the right order. 

  • The answers to these worksheets make it easy for the parents to assess their children in every chapter. They can match and check their answers to make sure that their child is following a good pace.

  • CBSE worksheets are fun and interactive. It will make the learning process easier for you. Just cover the syllabus and keep solving the worksheets on a daily basis. 

FAQs on Probability Worksheets

1. Where can I get important questions for Class 9 Maths chapter-15 Probability?

Vedantu is an online learning platform that can be your best guide during your examinations. For class 9 chapter 15- probability, experts at Vedantu provide a clear and detailed Pdf. You can refer to it online or download it for later. It contains all the important questions that you need from this chapter. The questions are divided into three parts- 'Very short answer questions, Short answer questions and long answer questions. The questions can also be categorized on the basis of marks weightage it holds. Students can find their answers easily on the same website. Make sure that you practice all the questions before your exams. It will help you to score well in your final exams for class 9. 

2. Are there any activities in class 9 chapter 15- probability?

In order to promote analytical skills among the students of class 9, CBSE worksheets a good number of interactive activities related to probability. However, the activities are quite simple and easy to analyze. Once you are familiar with the basic concept and formulas of the chapter, then you can easily find your way out through these activities. Such questions require you to practically apply the formulas to real-life situations. For instance- You and your classmates can be asked to write a 3-digit number and choose any of your friends randomly. Further, you might be asked to find the probability that the number written by your selected friend is divisible by three. 

3. Is class 9 chapter 15 complex?

CBSE class 9 chapter 15- probability is one of the easiest and fun-going chapters of class 9 Mathematics. The chapter is short and simple relative to the other class 9 chapters. It's the last chapter in your textbook. Once you get over with the chapter, consider your class 9 math covered and buckle yourself for the sincere revision for the final exam syllabus. The NCERT chapter 15- Probability is divided into three parts- 

  • 15.1- Introduction

This section will familiarize you with the basic definition of Probability with the help of real-life examples. Students are advised to remember a standard definition of the concept. It has been often asked in the previous year examinations. 

  • 15.2- Probability: An experimental approach

This is the main section of the chapter that covers various exercises and questions related to probability. 

  • 15.3- Summary

NCERT textbook gives a detailed summary and crisp points that are helpful for a quick revision of the chapter. 

4. Where can I find the NCERT solutions for class 9 chapter 15- Probability?

Along with the CBSE worksheets, NCERT solutions are equally important when it comes to collecting important resources in one place. Students can have easy access to NCERT solutions on both the website and the app of Vedantu. The solutions are well explained by the experts and help you to have an easy grasp of the concept. Students are advised to refer to these solutions only when they have tried solving the questions from their NCERT textbook on their own first. In this way, they will get an honest assessment of their chapter and work on their weak areas accordingly.

5. A survey of 200 students was conducted to check the opinion of students about the topic of geometry. It was found that 175 students do not like geometry. Find the probability of the students who like geometry.

Total no. of Students = 200

The no. of students who do not like geometry = 175

The no. of students who like geometry = 200-175=25

∴P (no. of students who like geometry) = 25

So, the probability is ¼ or 25%.