CBSE Class 10 Maths Statistics Formulas

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Class 10 Maths Statistics Formulas

Class 10 is of the crucial classes in a student’s life as it becomes a deciding factor for their career choices. Students find them psychologically facilitated in selecting an apt stream for further studies – Commerce, PCM, PCB, or Arts. That said, maths is one of the significant subjects as it is a basic need for a lot of career choices, even for cracking competitive exams like IIT JEE, FMS, CAT, XAT or All India Services etc. even government job exams require an understanding of mathematics. However, mastering over mathematics can become like a cakewalk when you are familiar with the formulas.

Benefits of Class 10 Statistics Formulas

Since the concepts covered in class 10 mathematics and statistics period are asked in various competitive exams, like CAT, MAT, JEE and even government job exams, it becomes all the more essential to have a firm understanding of the formulas. Vedantu is providing you with the complete list of Maths formulae for Class 10 that will sufficiently help you with board exam preparation.

All Formulas of Statistics Class 10

You will find a list of statistics class 10 all formulas at the official website of Vedantu. Below is a comprehensive list of class 10 statistics formulas that you will be able to save, print and download free PDF.

The comprehensive formula sheet includes:

  1. Mean

  • Mean of raw data

  • Mean of grouped data

  • Mean of discrete data

  1. Median

  • Median of raw data

  • Median of grouped data

  • Median of discrete data

  1. Mode

  • Mode of raw data

  • Mode of grouped data

  • Mode of discrete data

  1. Range

Formula to calculate range = Maximum value – Minimum value

As an example, let’s take a data with values as below:

7, 45, 62, 47, 21, 98, 77, 85, 33, 31, 27, 51, 36, 58

Range = Maximum value – Minimum value

= 98 - 7

= 91

Formula For Statistics Class 10 CBSE Maths

  1. Mean

In statistical mathematics, the mean value of a variable is described as the sum total of all the values of the variable divided by its number of values. Class 10 maths statistics mean am = a1 + a2 + a3 + a4 + a5/5 Σno/n.

  1. Median

In statistical mathematics, the median of a data set of values is the centermost value of the data set when it has been ordered in ascending order. That is, from the lowest value to the largest value. Median is calculated using the following formula:

                                   ½ (n+1)

Where n = number of values in the data.

Given that the number of values in the set of data is even, then the median is the average of the two central values.

  1. Mode

Mode of a statistical data is the value of that variable of a data set which consists of the maximum frequency.

Formula of Statistics Class 10 Grouped Mean

Mean: If x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7……xn are observations with respective frequencies f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7…..fn then mean is given as:

For Grouped Data

M.D (mean) = \[\frac{\sum f|x - \mu|}{N}\]

Formula of Statistics Class 10 Grouped Median

Median: For a given set of data, we require to have a frequency distribution, class interval, and cumulative frequency distribution. Then, the median is calculated in the below given manner:

\[Median = l + \frac{[\frac{N}{2} - m]}{f} \times c\]

In which,

l is the lower limit of median class,

N is the total number of observations,

cf is the cumulative frequency of class earlier in the median class,

f is the frequency.

h is the class size (supposing class size to be equivalent).

Formula of Statistics Class 10 Grouped Mode

Mode or the Modal class is the class interval consisting of the highest frequency. Mode is acquired using the modal class mode formula as given in the below image:

(image will be uploaded soon)

In which,

l is the lower limit of the modal class of the mode,

h is the size of the class interval (supposing all class sizes to be equivalent),

f1 is the frequency 

f0 is the frequency of the class earlier to the modal class,

f2 is the frequency of the class after the modal class.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can I Memorize the Statistics Formulas Class 10 Easily?

Answer: Learning or memorizing the formula of statistics class 10th needs a little practice. For mastering over the statistics class 10 formulas and knowing how and where to use them, first acquaint yourself with the concepts and the chapters. Next, understand how a formula is derived and then memorize it and then it will be almost impossible for you to forget the formulas. Furthermore, you can take help of formulas provided at Vedantu e-learning portal if you seek to learn maths all formulas of statistics class 10 quickly and easily.

Q2. Where can I Find all Formulas of Statistics Class 10?

Answer: You can learn them directly from the official website of which allows its students for free PDF download and you can as well take a printout.

Q3. How are Class 10 Statistics Formulas Helpful to me?

Answer: Important formulas for Class 10 Maths will prove to be of great help in your learning process. You will also find them quite helpful while revising the CBSE Class 10 Maths syllabus that will further aid you to score higher in final board examinations.

Q4. How do we Distinguish Between Formula and Equation?

Answer: A mathematical formula is a set of guidelines that generates the desired outcomes whereas an equation consists of numerical operators. For an algebraic equation, the LHS (left-hand side) should be equal to RHS (right-hand side).