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Taller Definition

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Identifying the Tall

Right from kindergarten, a child is able to perceive the objects by their size, colour, height, or simply their overall visible features are well acknowledged by them. This is the time when your kids are very powerful in grasping whatever they are taught. So why not teach them to identify the taller and smaller objects?

In this section, we will teach the kids the taller definition and how they identify them. 

Definition of Taller

Taller is the term that is being used while we compare the height of the objects. If one object is shorter than the other then we say the other object to be taller. 

Our Objective - Teaching the Kids Which One is Taller

Heads-up! We are going to teach the kids to identify the taller object. Step-wise lesson plans and objectives of the activity - all will be discussed which is to be referred to by the parents and teachers especially. This will help you to teach your kids to objectify taller people. Let us first understand the scope of this activity and how it will help the kids. 

Overall Lesson Plan - What Will the Kids Learn?

This lesson is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. The lesson will engage the kids in identifying the taller. The kids will be comparing the building blocks which are actually the toys they have. They will then lay the toys on graph paper and understand why one block is taller than the other. 

By the end of this activity they will be able to:

  • Understand the various patterns, relations, and functions the block constitutes. 

  • They will learn to differentiate objects by what is displayed. 

  • In the future, this will also create a strong base for the kids to learn algebra and measurement in Maths. 

What Do We Need for the Activity? - Gather the Materials 

We are going to gather these items:

  • Blocks having different lengths.

  • Graphing Map or simply a table with a plane surface. 

  • A measuring tape may be a scale.

(Please Note: Choose the objects wisely. Any sharp objects should be kept out of the reach of the kids).

Introduce the Activity 

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  • Ask any three children of slightly different heights to stand up.

  • Now ask them “Who is the tallest?”

  • Now, with a plain background mark the height of the three children.

  • With this, they will understand the tallest mark is the tallest among them.

  • Once they understand this, now ask them the same question with blocks.

  • Pick three blocks, make them stand on the table, and ask ‘Which one is the tallest?’

  • Ask them to write in the sequence of tall, taller, tallest, like the red block is taller than the blue block. Blue block is taller than the yellow block and the yellow block is the shortest or tallest among them. 

Check on Their Maths Vocabulary 

In this lesson, they will be taught about the comparison words being used like:

  • Tall

  • Taller

  • Tallest or,

  • Short 

  • Shorter

  • Shortest

Make children understand that these comparisons are done for mathematical purposes. 

What the Kids Might Face? How can You Help Them? 

The kids might have problems in:

  • Playing with the blocks.

  • Have difficulty understanding the height of the blocks. 

  • Have trouble guessing the tallest block. 

In this situation, you might help by:

  • Simplify three blocks from many and ask the question “From which one is the tallest?”

  • Tell the child clearly this one is the tallest block and this one is the shortest among the three. 

  • Let the child guess.

With small steps, the kids will be learning to identify the taller in no time. By then, keep your child engaged with these activities as this will help them in elementary school. Also, once they understand they will start developing interest and identify the taller objects by themselves. 

FAQs on Taller Definition

1. Name some books for kids to understand these lessons on tall and short better.

The books which are recommended are:

  • Big and Little by Steven Jenkins.

  • The Tallest, Shortest, Longest, Greenest, Brownest Animal in the Jungle - By Keith Faulkner and Rory Tyger.

2. How can taller be measured?

Taller measurements can be done easily if height is known. For this, you might need a scale and measure the height and then identify the taller one.