Algebra For class 6

Algebra Formula Class 6

We have become acquainted with arithmetic operations on numbers, integers, and fractions. We have also studied different 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional figures. This was geometry which deals with the study of shapes now let us study another branch of Mathematics and that is algebra. Algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of mathematical symbols and rules for manipulating these symbols. Algebra Class 6 will help you get acquainted with the basics of algebra.

Algebra generally deals with letters that are expressed in the general will help you to find the unknown values easily without computing the whole equation every time. Letters are treated as numbers so that all the operations can be carried out on them. So let us understand algebra class 6 in more detail.

Introduction to Algebra Class 6

We will be discussing the basics of algebra in the introduction to algebra class 6. Let us see some important concepts used in Algebra class 6,



____ + 4 = 9 

 here we get 5 as the answer in the place of blank, but in algebra, we cannot write such blank space so we consider a letter x or y or a or b any letter in place of unknown values. Such that

x + 4 = 9

So this letter x which is unknown to us is said to be a variable. A variable can be any letter from a to z. Using letters instead of unknown values makes it easier to find more unknown values either by writing blank spaces.

Variables are the letters used to express the unknown values. It keeps on changing.


Constants are the values which remain constant or a symbol that has any fixed numeric value.

Algebraic Expression: 

A set of variables, constants, and mathematical operations forms an algebraic expression.

We know that variables have different values, they have no fixed value. They are numbers, that is why operations of addition,  subtraction,  multiplication, and division can be done on them.

Example:  3x + 4

Algebraic Equation

An equation is the set of variables, constants, and mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division balanced by an equal sign.

On the left side of the equation is the left-hand side(LHS) and the right side of the equation is the right-hand side(RHS). LHS and RHS are balanced by the same values.

Example: x + 4 = 7, where x = 3.

Algebra Formula Class 6

Here is the list of all the algebra formula class 6. It will make you solve your algebraic equations more easily.

Operations Used in Algebra

In algebra different operations used are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Let a and b are two variables they can be written as-

  • Addition : a + b

  • Subtraction: a – b

  • Multiplication: a x b or a*b or ab 

  • Division: x/y or x÷y  

Some Common Rules for Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expression class 6 have some common rules they are

1. Commutative property of addition

When adding two variables the order of adding the variable doesn't change the sum of the equation. Let a and b are two variables the commutative property states that, a + b = b + a.

2. Commutative property of multiplication

Interchanging the order of numbers in multiplication does not change the product. Consider  variables a and b as in the case of addition, we can express the commutativity of multiplication of two numbers as- a x b = b x a

3. Distributive of multiplication over the addition of numbers.

 Let a,b and c be three variables,


a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c

Let us see some examples for algebraic expressions class 6

Solved Examples

Algebraic expressions class 6 examples

Q.Write algebraic expressions for the following statements.

1. Ram is younger than Ramesh by 2 years.

Solution: Let Ramesh’s age be x years

                  Then algebraic expression will be

                   Ram’s age is (x - 2) years

2. The price of wheat per kg is 10 less than the price of rice per kg.

Solution: Let the price of rice be x rs per kg

                  Then the algebraic expression will be

      Price of wheat is (x-10)rs per kg

Q.Find the number if 20 is taken away from 5 times a number is 30.


Let ‘n‘ be the number.

The expression for 20 is taken away from  5 times of a number is 30.

5n – 20 = 30

5n = 30 - 20

5n = 10

n = 10 / 5

n = 2

Therefore, we get the number is 2.

Quiz Time

Here are some algebra questions for class 6

  1. The length of a rectangular hall is 8 meters less than 2 times the breadth of the hall. What is the length, if the breadth is b meters?

  2. Give expressions for the following cases.

(a) 9 is added to a.

(b) 7 subtracted from a

(c) a multiplied by 7

(d) a divided by 7

Solve more algebra questions for class 6 to master the basics of algebra.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Algebra Important?

Answer: Yes algebra is definitely an important branch of Mathematics. It is used in countless fields. With the help of Algebra, we can generalize any equation which makes it easier to work. With the help of algebra, we can get the visual representation of an equation on the graph. The use of constants and variables makes the programming language easier. It helps in solving computerized games and puzzles. Elementary algebra is used in day to day life. 

2. Who is the Father of Algebra?

Answer: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was a 9th-century Muslim mathematician and astronomer who was known as the father of algebra. The word algebra is derived from his book entitled Kitab al-Jabr. Khwarizmi was one of the most famous scholars of Bayt-al-Hikma which was Badhdad’s intellectual powerhouse. He is also known as ‘ grandfather of computer science because he also developed the concept of the algorithm in Mathematics