Class 2 Maths

Class 2 is one of the influential years of primary education for students of age 7 to 8. The main purpose of this year is to set a strong foundation for the future up-gradation of knowledge. Maths enhances the reasoning and thinking ability in kids, so it plays an important role in gearing the kids for the crude and professional life around the world they are going to deal with in future. The syllabus of class 2 Maths is devised with the aim of preparing the child to step in the outside world with basic knowledge and skills like countings, recognising things, basic calculation, etc.


Understanding Shapes

This chapter deals with the identification of different 2D and 3D shapes we see in our surroundings almost every day. Game is a very interactive way which is used in this chapter to teach kids about the basic shapes. Below are the descriptions of the shapes used in the chapter:

  1. Pointed at one end, flat at the other, but round like a pipe. Eg - Pencil.

  2. Round all round, has no corners. It can roll too. Eg - Ball.


  1. Cylinder- It is a long solid object with a circular base and curved surface.

  2. Sphere- It is a round object with no edges and no corners.

  3. Circle- It is a round flat object.