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Math Trainer - Addition

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Addition Trainer

You know 2 and 2 is 4 and you also know 5 and 5 is 10, but do you know how to add larger numbers in fraction of seconds? Math trainer addition tutorial will show you how adding larger numbers can be as simple as a kids play!

Ever imagined that every year on your birthday, when you turn one year older, how do you calculate your age? It's all about numbers, which you require to add every year!

Importance of Addition

Addition is so crucial in our lives that we cannot think of our day-to-day lives without adding numbers. So let's begin and learn about addition today!

Once you grasp the basics of addition in mathematical operations, you will understand the practice problems of addition, the importance of addition and subtraction in everyday lives. Check- below this interactive simulation to understand how we add 2-digit numbers.


[Image will be uploaded soon]

From the above image you would know that Addition is nothing but simply putting two or more numbers together or combining them to find out the sum or  the total of the numbers.

For Example,

bells when added or combined together, showing 2+4=6

Here are 2 bells, and when 4 more bells are combined they make a total of 6 bells.

mathematically, we express  it as 2 + 4 = 6 and read it as Two plus four equals six (2+4=6)

Introduction to Workout Time

You can make excellent and quick progress by having 3 sessions of 5 minutes every day. But when you only want to practice as you feel choose "1 day".

 Introduction To Cutoff Time

The Cutoff Time in math trainer addition is there to help you!

With just a few seconds to answer a question it makes you remember, instead of trying to count or use other slow techniques.

At first it appears tough, but with practice you get better and better. And at high speed you get ample practice.

Choose 4 seconds for excellent effect.

The Concept of Carry Over in Addition Trainer

Wondering how to solve complicated addition questions? Note that one-digit numbers can be added simply, while larger numbers are solved by splitting them into columns of their corresponding place values, like Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, and so on.

We have to add these columns one by one:

That being said, in order to add 354 and 32, we would require writing both the numbers one below the other so that the place values are aligned and then add them.


Thus from the above example, we observe that while we add the numbers in the Ones column we obtain 6. On the other hand, when we add the numbers under the Tens Column, we obtain 12.

Here, as we retain 2 under the Tens column, we carry over 1 to the top of the Hundreds column, in such a manner that we remember to add it there.

A similar procedure is followed in big numbers whenever we get such two-digit numbers. 

Solve Examples on Math Trainer Addition


A football match had 4535 spectators in the 1st row of the stadium and 2339 spectators in the 2nd row. Find out the total number of spectators that were there in all?


By adding the column of Ones, we obtain 14

While we write 4 under the One's column, we direct 1 to the top of the Tens Column going in accordance with the concept of the carry-over, in a way we remember to add it there.

Adding them all, we obtain 6874

Thus, there were 6874 stadium spectators in all.


A zoo had 1890 beers. The next day 334 new eggs of the species were hatched. Calculate the total number of beers that are there now?


Number of beers in the zoo= 1890

Number of eggs that were hatched = 334

Hence, total number of beers in the zoo now = 1890 + 334

= 2224

Thus, 2224 beers.

Fun Facts on Math Trainer Addition

  • One of the important properties of addition states that changing the order of numbers does not change the answer. For example:  7 + 5 = 5 + 7, and we get 12 as their sum irrespective of the positioning.

  • Terms like 'put together', ‘altogether’, 'in all', 'total' provides a hint that you need to add the given numbers.

  • Begin with the larger number and add the smaller number to it. For example, adding 17 to 56 is easier than adding 56 to 17

  • Break numbers as per their place values in order to make addition easier. For example, 37 + 96 can be split as 30 + 7 + 90 + 6. While this might seem difficult, it makes mental addition easier.

  • Follow the 'tens' first, and then the 'ones' for easy addition of larger numbers

FAQs on Math Trainer - Addition

 1. What are Some of the Characteristics of the Math Trainer?

Answer: Below are the main features of trainer addition:

  • Formulated for high speed such that you get lots of practice

  • Shows you the appropriate answer when you get it incorrect

  • Cutoff Time pushes you to remember fast, not count to obtain an answer.

  • Timed Workout style just the same as the athletes use

  • Recalls your performance so it provides you more practice on your weaknesses.

2. What are the Advantages of Math Trainer Addition For Students?

Answer: The main benefits of learning from trainer addition are that students get better at mental math. Apart from that they can have benefit in the form of:

  • Attaining the ability to quickly perform mental calculations

  • Developing better number sense and aptitude for quantifying the world around us.

  • Even without applications, getting better at mental math to stimulate one’s mind.

  • Strengthening the foundation for learning more advanced maths topics.

  • Ability to do advanced algebra and arithmetic without having to pull out a calculator.

  • Fast speed of mental calculation speed will have a direct impact on math and science test scores.

  • At all grade levels, learns to know how to solve math problems when tests have a time limit on them.

  • Improving mental math skills will only benefit a student in answering questions both correctly and efficiently becoming highest-scorers but enhancing the academic career.