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Fun Activities to Boost Maths Skill for 6-Year-Old Kids

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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The moment kids start exploring the world, they also start learning about Maths from that very moment. From recognising shapes to counting large numbers to identifying patterns, kids develop all these skills by engaging in activities that involve practical problem solving.

In our increasingly technological world, the demand for a strong skill set in Maths is expected to increase as technological innovations continue to progress. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kids learn the skills that are needed for success and involve them in their learning as early as possible.

Here, we have listed some of the simple things and activities that you can do at home to support your child to progress in Maths.

Fun activities for kids

Fun activities for kids

But before that, you must know what are the concepts that your 6-year-old kids should learn at this age.

Maths Concepts to Learn for 6 Year-olds Kids

At age 6, your child will continue to develop their counting and calculation skills. Below are some of the important concepts that your kids should learn at this age.

Number and Place Value

At age 6, your child will be able to understand the position of a digit in a number and can tell you the place value of that digit (for example, 34 has 3 tens and 4 ones). They should be able to compare and order numbers and should be able to use this to solve problems. They will also learn to use symbols like more than (>), less than (<), and equals (=) to compare numbers.

Addition and Subtraction

At age 6, children will learn to solve addition and subtraction problems using objects, pictures, and drawings and also solve these problems mentally.

Multiplication and Division

At age 6, children will learn 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times tables and will learn how to identify odd and even numbers up to 100. They will also learn a variety of methods to solve multiplication and division problems.


At age 6, children will learn how to write fractions in simple calculations and how to find 1/4 2/4 ⅓ 3/4 of quantities and shapes.


At age 6, children will learn to compare and sort common 2D and 3D shapes and everyday objects and continue patterns of shapes. These involve 2D shapes including the number of sides and lines of symmetry, 3D shapes including the number of faces, edges, and vertices.


At age 6, children will learn to use standard units to calculate length, mass (weight), capacity, and temperature and compare intervals of time and solve problems related to money.

How to Teach Maths to Your Kids at Home?

You will be amazed to know what a 6-year-old kid is capable of! Kids of this age are becoming readers, writers, and mathematicians. With proper guidance and support from caring adults, they will not only improve their Maths skills but also improve in other areas as well. So, We have explained here some easy ways to encourage your child to progress in Maths when they’re not in the classroom and all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Let Them Help You in Cooking and Baking

A simple way to improve your kid’s Mathematics skills is by encouraging them to help you with baking and cooking. Get them used to with reading the instructions, following recipes, and measuring and weighing the ingredients. This will help them to become familiar with the quantities, fractions, temperatures, and cooking units.

2. Involve in Food Shopping

If you involve your kids in food shopping, it will not only turn out to be a fun activity for you kids but also they can practise Maths through this activity. Encouraging the kids to read food labels, compare the brands and prices, and find the best deals available will help your child to understand the value of money and learn to understand the numbers and prices concept in a better way.

3. Try to Play Maths Games at Home

If you are trying to improve Maths skills and knowledge for your kids, making Maths interesting and fun is the only key. There are plenty of enjoyable games that you can play with your kids such as dominoes, chess, cards, and memory games. These games will test your kids’ Maths skills without them even realising it.

If your kids are using technology on a daily basis, then find some Maths learning apps. Check out some articles that feature all the best learning apps for kids here.

4. Read Books that Consist of Maths

Encouraging the kids to read books that consist of Maths or logic is a better way to improve Maths at home. You will find many fantastic Maths books ranging from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and shapes to probability if you search on the internet.

5. Encourage Your Kids to Do Some Maths Every Day

To encourage your kid to do a little bit of Maths every day is very important, even though it’s only for 10-15 minutes. It will gradually improve your kids’ skills if they practise Maths regularly.

Here are some Maths problems that will really give your kid’s Maths skills a workout!

  • In the car, you can ask your child how long it will take to reach your destination based on your speed.

  • If you are at your child’s favourite shop, ask him to calculate the price of a discounted item he wants to buy and how long it will take to save his pocket money to buy it.

Alternatively, books on Sudoku puzzles and Maths puzzles will be a challenging and fun activity to practise Maths during the weekends and holidays.

6. You Need to Familiarise Yourself with What Your Child Is Currently Learning

What area of Maths your child is currently learning is very important for you to understand. Checking your kid’s homework diaries and chatting with his teachers is the only key. Once you know what your child is currently learning, it will be easier for you to adapt Maths activities at home.

So, these are all the activities that can help you to improve your children's Math as well as problem-solving skills. Visit our website to get hold of articles and worksheets on Maths topics curated for kids of 6 years age.

FAQs on Fun Activities to Boost Maths Skill for 6-Year-Old Kids

1. How to make Maths interesting for a 6-year-old kid?

Maths games are a great way to create excitement and competition in kids. There are a number of great picture books ranging from counting to multiplication, you can introduce these books to your child. Kids love to talk, so ask them interesting Maths questions that consist of more than one answer or more than one solution to make Maths fun for kids.

2. Do digital games improve children's Mathematics skills?

Many researchers have concluded that playing Maths-based games has a real impact on developing strong Maths skills in kids. It not only encourages kids to improve their computing skills and problem-solving skills but also enhances their memory capacity and strategic thinking capacity.