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Math Words That Start with Z

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Know the Z Words of Maths

Knowing the vocabulary in Maths is as important as knowing the concepts behind it. Thus, first, it is mandatory to be well accustomed to the mathematical vocab then we can break down its concepts.

In this study, we will take up the maths words that start with Z. We will be coming across a list of Z letter mathematical word which carries different meanings in Maths.

List of Words Starting with Z in Mathematics

There are many Z letter words that bring out different mathematical contextual understanding. We are basically going to study the mathematical words which start or have an initial Z.

Let us understand the concept of the Z-letter words in Maths.

  1. Z-axis

This is the axis that is perpendicular to the plane and this is being determined by the x and y axes where they intercept together. This Z-axis also represents the coordinate in the triple ordered pair which is x,y, and z.

  1. Z - coordinate

z coordinate

z coordinate

Z- coordinate is the third number present in the triple ordered pair.

  1. Z- intercept

This is the point where the graph will intersect the z-axis.

  1. Zero

This is the number itself. 0 will indicate the size, quantity, or any magnitude in terms of mathematical calculations. Zero can never be segregated into a positive or negative integer.

  1. Zero Dimensions

The only vector which is contained on the point is known as the zero vector.

  1. Zero Slope

This is the slope of a horizontal line which has a zero vector. Here the magnitude of the vector is zero.

  1. Rational Zeros Theorem

The rational zeros theorem will give all the possible rational zeros which are of a polynomial function. This similarly gives all the possible roots of the equation.

  1. Zero Matrix

A matrix which is having only zero elements is called the zero matrices.

  1. Zero Product Property

Suppose a x b = 0 then this will mean that a = 0 or b = 0.

Thus these were the Z starting words in the Mathematics vocabulary. Understanding the Z words in maths vocabulary will help you to escalate your mathematical concepts from the very basics. The Z words in Maths vocabulary have a different contextual meaning in different topics. We mostly see these topics in the study of graphs or in the matrices.

As you progress through, you will find other Z letter words in the Maths Vocab, you can note down those and make a Z-word Maths dictionary of your own!

FAQs on Math Words That Start with Z

1. What does z mean in Maths terms?

Z is the symbol that represents the integers. As an integer, a number can be positive or negative, but in the case of 0, it cannot be positive or negative. 

2. How can you find the zeros in a graph?

When we learn to find the zero in a function, it means that the point supposes a,0 where the graph of the function and y-intercept intersects.

3. Who invented Zero?

Brahmagupta invented Zero and its operations. He was a Hindu astronomer and mathematician.