How to Divide

Math is something that can go from being tricky to solve, to be the easiest question of all time in a matter of one problem. That’s the beauty of maths; some parts are fun like geometry, while some are made purely for students to lose their brains, yes, we are talking about you, Algebra. Division or dividing something is the concept of breaking something into parts to solve it more efficiently, quite simple right? Well, the division might look simple to you when it is first introduced in your maths workbook, but the difficulty level keeps increasing from there, and being honest, once you encounter them in maths questions, there’s no stopping. They will keep on coming in your exams, and eventually, division becomes like addition and subtraction. 

Today we are going to talk about different methods of dividing a number such as how to divide decimals, how to divide polynomials and fractions step by step so you don’t miss any of its steps, and get a wrong answer. So get ready to take your revenge on mathematics by dividing its numbers. 

Dividing The Decimals

When you are trying to find an answer to how to divide decimals, you need to get rid of the decimal point from the given number. Now you might have a question, how can we do that? Well, the answer is simple to multiply it with 10 as many times it is needed to get rid of that decimal point. 

Once you get the decimal out, half of your problems are done and dusted. 

Let’s take an example here. 

Q) Divide the Given Decimals Numbers From Each Other, 0.21 and 0.07.

Answer: So, our first number is 0.21, as we can see it has a decimal of up to 100 positions. So we multiply it with 100. 

0.21X100 = 21

0.007X100 = 7, now, we did the same thing with 0.07; thus, we will get 7.

Hence you are left with 21 and 7. Now divide the bigger number from a smaller number. 

21/7 = 3. This will be your answer. 

Diving The Fractions

When a question comes how to divide fractions that’s where a lot of young mathematicians gets nervous, well, you don’t have to be now, we are going to provide you with a tutorial on how to divide step by step and find the correct answer. 

The first thing you need to remember when you are handling the division of fractions is to make sure you simply the fractions first, and after that, divide them. On the other hand, you can use the method that requires you to reverse the divisor and then multiply it with your given dividend. 

Solved Example:- Step by step explanation of How to divide fractions using these two given fractions, 20/4 from 6/2


=(10/4)X(2/6) (here we reversed the divisor, and then multiplied it with the dividend)

=(10X2)/ (4X6)

= 20/24

= 5 /6

= 0.833

Dividing The Polynomials Fractions

Now here we are introduced to Algebra in the division; polynomial expressions are the ones that consist of unknown variables. To divide polynomial fractions, you need to simplify it first and then move on to division operation. We are going to take help from an example to show you how to divide polynomials. 

Example:- Divide x3y2z by xy2


First, you need to write down the given polynomials into the division form, you need to put them in the place of numerator and denominator. 

x3y2z /xy2

Once you are done with the first step, check the power of polynomials and cancel out the common ones.

= x3y2z /xy2

= x2y2z /y2  first we remove the x.

= x2z       

now we remove another common term (y) from both numerator and denominator.

Lastly, once the simplification is done, its time uses division operation on the given fraction.

The simplification is done, and we have got the answer, which is x2z. That’s your solved example of how to divide polynomial fractions 

Solved Example

Now we know how to solve different types of division questions lets try to address some of the tough ones so that you can understand the working of division in a better way. 

Example Divide 0.8095 by 0.50 to find the answer. 

First, from the given numbers, we can see it’s a decimal division question. So the first thing we do is, remove the decimals.

As a result, multiply 0.8095 with 10000 and 0.5 with 10.

This is how it’s going to look. 

=80951000x 1000 / 5010x 10

= 8095/5

= 1619

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are Divisors and Dividends?

Both of them are your key ingredients if you want to find an answer to a division question. The number which is being divided is said to dividend from the given numbers, and the number used to divide the dividend is your divisor. 

Example:- divide 10 from 2 and find out the answer. Here 2 is your divisor, and 10 is your dividend. The result of the division will come out to be 5 as your final answer. 

2. Where is the Use of Division in Our Daily Life?

Well, to be honest everywhere, from being in a group project to choreographing a song, you can see traces of dividing your work into parts to complete it more efficiently. Just think about a rock band of four people. The drummer can’t sing, and so does the lead can’t play the guitars. So they divide the instruments and part of their songs so each individual can show their skills and create beautiful music that you listen to. 

A great example of division in a rock band was of Led Zepplin, their drummer Jhon Bonham died quite early, and no one in their group could play the drums like he does, so the band stopped touring.