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Column in Maths

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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What is a Column?

A column usually refers in common terms to an arrangement of objects, shapes, and numbers, one above the other. You may have seen pillars in monuments. They are examples of columns in normal life. In this article, you will learn about columns in detail and the difference between columns and rows. A short and interesting poem is given which will make the difference between a column and row clear.

Difference Between Column and Rows

We often get confused between rows and columns. Row and columns can be seen everywhere. In simple language, we can say that rows are groups of cells placed horizontally and columns are groups of cells that go from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Rows and Columns

Rows and Columns

There is a famous and interesting poem that will help you to understand the difference between rows and columns. Let’s Sing!

Row, row, row your boat

All across the seal

Left to right and right to left,

Side to side we be,

Rowing Boat

Rowing Boat

Columns, columns, up and down

Like Lincoln’s monument

Top to bottom goes the column

Even on ONE CENT!

Do You Know?

  • A column is also a formation of the military where soldiers march in one or more lines such that the column length is much longer than the width. For example, there could be two or three lines of hundred soldiers.

  • Different types of publications such as magazines and newspapers usually organise paragraphs in such a way that they form multiple columns. The terminology "column" in publications refers to a short, recurring section of the publication written by writers.


In this article, we learnt about columns. When you will go to higher classes, you will learn the concept of columns in Maths where columns are used such as the column method of addition and subtraction and column matrix. These all concepts of maths are based on the arrangement of the numbers in columns.

FAQs on Column in Maths

1. Give some examples of columns.

A column is a vertical (from top to bottom or bottom to top) series of objects in a table, chart, or any worksheet. Examples of columns are weekly recipe items published in any column in magazines, a pillar in the front of a building, a facade with marble columns, etc.

2. What is a column in Maths?

A column is a method where objects or numbers used to be arranged from top to bottom and bottom to top. In Mathematics, columns are used in the column method of addition and subtraction and column matrix which is a type of arrangement of numbers. The objects in Maths contained within a column are usually a number or group of numbers.