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NCERT Books for Class 1 to 12

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NCERT (National Council of Education And Research Training) is an autonomous organization that is responsible for setting the curriculum and academic standards for the Class 1 to 12 CBSE board. NCERT is primarily responsible for advising the Central and State Governments on academic matters related to CBSE schools across the country, and their textbooks are the prescribed syllabus for students who are preparing for their CBSE examinations. Other than CBSE, few of the state boards have integrated NCERT Books in their academic curriculum.


For students studying in CBSE class 1 to 12, NCERT textbooks are the best study material. These NCERT books are designed by the experts after thorough research and considering the intellectual level and understanding of the students. NCERT Books explain the topics in easy and simple language with detailed information. The NCERT Books are categorised according to four main subjects on this page, namely- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. If you are readying for your CBSE board exams, then our digital NCERT Books will be an invaluable resource for your preparation at school and in general, for clarifying the fundamental concepts tied to these subjects.


You can browse through these books by simply visiting and accessing the NCERT Books Free PDF Download links for the respective subjects. 

Browse CBSE NCERT Book Online for Free

NCERT builds the base of the concepts, and therefore, it becomes necessary to go through it. To help the students to understand the concepts thoroughly and prepare well for the exams, we have provided the pdf version of ncert textbooks for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 online. Students can refer to these NCERT Books pdfs online or download and study offline. 

Download NCERT Books PDF Online - Class Wise

Vedantu has made NCERT books download very simple for students who are planning to download NCERT textbooks PDFs and study from them. The textbooks are listed class-wise and students can download without any hassle by clicking on the resective NCERT textbooks links provided below. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How to Read NCERT Books More Effectively?

Answer: The following are the ways for an effective reading of NCERT:

  1. Read each topic carefully to understand the meaning of each statement mentioned in a particular context.

  2. Understand the complex topics under the guidance of experts.

  3. Jot down the important concepts for the last minute’s preparation.

  4. Solve all the book exercises. Solving these questions will help you gain strength in all the concepts.

  5. Clear all the concepts and formulas using expert’s advice.

  6. Practice all the questions from Maths NCERT to improve your speed and accuracy.

Question: How to Make Good Notes from NCERT Books?


  • Read all the statements of the context thoroughly and understand it. 

  • Write the important points in your notebook.

  • For a quick understanding of the topics, draw the diagrams or flowcharts of the notes if necessary.

  • Make short notes to revise those during the final examination.

Building these habits will help you quickly prepare well and score high not only in school-level exams, but also in the higher-level entrance exams.

Question:  Where Can I Get the Correct and Reliable Solutions for the NCERT Books?

Answer: You can get the reliable solutions to the NCERT books for the classes 1-12 at Keep scrolling the page, you will find the easily downloadable free PDFs of all the subjects for the classes 1-12.

Browse NCERT Solutions Here:

Question: How Does Vedantu Stand Out of the Queue?

Answer: Vedantu believes in the ideology of Smart preparation. Students after enrolling in the Vedantu Studying Program find a big difference in their understanding levels. 


Students can freely access all the studying materials at their convenience. Providing all the studying materials at a single-desk is what makes Vedantu out of the queue.