Roman Numerals

Roman Numbers from 1 to 100

Who is not aware of Roman Numerals! These days Roman Numerals are widely spread throughout the world as well as in the daily routine of human life. There are very simple 7 different letters which denote some specific numbers. We can see this in the below table:


Now you can see how these seven letters represent the numbers in a very concise manner. You don’t need to write extra zeros in “1000”. You can simply write M instead of putting extra zeros. These letters are so hassle-free and represent the whole number system. This is the reason that tasks get completed swiftly. For instance, if we want to write “3” in Roman numeral, we simply write “III” (this is the process of adding “I+I+I”). This process of adding letters are very useful in big numbers. For example: if we want to write “2010” in Roman numerals what you need to do is just adding the letters like “M+M+X”. So MMX will be the representation of 2020 in Roman Numbers. Easy to use, Right!

Table to display Roman numerals from 1 to 100:-


Numbers 21222324252627282930








Roman Numerals’ Genesis:-

Roman Numerals were not viable in ancient times as they seem. A variety of counting systems were used by our ancestors. The habitats of central Italy had developed their personal numeral system with vast varieties of symbols. There are two types of theory prevalent in the world about the origin of Roman Numerals. 

1st Theory
The very first theory suggests hand signals are used to display Roman Numerals. The equivalent amount of fingers signals the numbers ranging 1 to 4. When thumb and fingers get separated this technique makes the shape of “V” to signal number 5. 

2ND Theory
The second theory includes very interesting facts and tally sticks. Tally sticks had been existed prior to Romans for several decades and had their existence till the 19th century in Europe. Several Roman Numerals were engraved on the top notch of these tally sticks. We can understand this thing with a simple example. IIIVI would be etched on the tally stick and when it got shortened it would look like just as the Roman numeral of 6.

Calculation with the help of Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals are very distinctive in use. Any of us can use them in calculation yet they create complications in advanced mathematics calculation and very simple reason behind that is no place for Zero. Although subtraction and addition are easy to calculate you can’t do multiplication and division.

How to do addition
We must ignore the subtractive principle while we add the numerals. Let’s take one example. We must write “IIIIIII” instead of “VII”.

How to do subtraction
We must not think subtraction rules are different from addition. While doing subtraction we need to avoid subtraction rule too. For instance, if we subtract CCLXXXVI from CCLXXXII we do in three steps.

First step:-

Second Step:-
Then remove the whole bunch of CCLXX from each numeral.


Third Step:-
After removing all extra numerals we will get XI. This is how subtraction will be done.

Utilization of Roman Numerals is as follow:

How do you understand the use of Roman Numerals in day to day life? There is a vast list that we can discuss in detail.

1. On an international level, Roman Numerals help in representing the numbers on which games like Super Bowl and Olympic were held. The recent example of that is the Olympic Games 2020. It will be going to held in Tokyo and the representation of this event will be XXXII.

2. Movies are not falling behind to use numerals. In which year the movie has been made that must be denoted by the numerals. Films show the copyrighted year in numerals at the end of their credits.

3. In ancient times there were so many kings and queens with the same name. So to distinguish them, numerals are very helpful. For example, in France there was a king named Louis XVI moreover in England there was a kind named Henry VIII.

4. Sometimes builders use the numerals to illustrate the year of building construction. Let’s take one example in which one building that may be constructed in the year 2009 it will be denoted as MMIX.

5. We can take the live example of using numerals in the day to day life. We must encounter watches or wall clocks on a daily basis which use Roman Numerals for representing the hours.

6. Roman Numerals provided the basis of Indian mathematics. Arab’s mathematics got nourished by Indian mathematics.

7. These Roman Numerals leave a great impression on Degrees, diplomas and certificates. When students can’t become a graduate, in spite of that they can get II or III.

Failures of Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals are very creative and engaging. They have a vast variety to use, instead of that; they have numerous failures in the day to day life. Let’s discuss these failures in details.

1. In Roman Numerals there is no letter to denote Zero.

2. As we all know that Roman Numerals have some specific letters to denote 7 numbers. Although they have their own limitation and can denote the numbers till 5000, not after that.

3. People still use Roman Numerals in their organizations or some specific work like, movie credits, construction of buildings etc., but besides that people feel Roman numerals don’t have any advantage over the current number system. They feel it's a bit hectic to use them in the day to day life.

4. Roman Numerals seem very useful in denoting years or credits but while doing calculation they become very complicated.