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Math Words that Start with K

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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An Introduction to Math Words that Start with K

The vocabulary of mathematics contains words that start with the letter ‘K’. There are a lot of words used in mathematics. It is important to have knowledge of the vocabulary of maths as it is helpful for us to know the terminologies and their meaning which are eventually helpful in grabbing concepts.

Math words starting with K

Math Words Starting with K

In this article, we will discuss some of the words that start with the letter ‘K’. The list of the words is provided with a detailed explanation of each word so that students can understand the meaning of the words and use them in maths.

List of Words

The list of words that start with the letter K is given below.













Let’s understand these terms in detail.

  1. Kilogram

When we go to the market we bought things in some kind of measurement. You may have heard the term kilogram which is a type of unit to measure weight. The kilogram can be written as kg. Hence it is a measure of mass. 1 Kilogram is equal to 1,000 grams.

Things that weigh in kg

Things That Weigh in Kg

  1. Kilometer

A kilometer is used for the measurement of distance. 1 kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. Hence it is a metric unit of distance which can also be written as km.

  1. Kelvin

Kelvin is a unit of measurement of temperature. Kelvin scale is used on some thermometers to measure temperature.

  1. Kilobyte

It is a unit of data measurement for computers. 1 kilobyte equal to 1000 bytes. This is a very important concept for computer technology and digital electronics which you will learn in higher classes in depth.

  1. Key

A key in maths is defined as a list or note which describes the meaning of each symbol on a graph.


In this article the discussion about the math words that start with K is done. The list of words is provided as well words are explained in detail. Students are required to know these terminologies as it will help them to understand the complex concept of maths.

FAQs on Math Words that Start with K

1. What are the words in mathematics that start with K?

There are some words in mathematics vocabulary that start with the alphabet K. Some words start with kilo which means ‘thousands of’ such as kilogram, kilometer, kilobyte etc. These are related to measuring system units. Apart from these kelvin scale, key etc. are some terminologies or words that begin with K.

2. Discuss any word of maths starting with the letter K?

Kelvin is a word in maths that starts with K. It is the unit of International Institute of Units of thermodynamic temperature. It is represented by the symbol K. You may know the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale which is used for the measurement of temperature. It is used for the same purpose with some differences. The kelvin is used in physical science which is used as the primary unit of measurement of temperature.