Methods To Draw Line Segment

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How to Draw a Line Segment?

We all possibly know how to construct the common geometrical shapes like rectangles, triangles, squares, etc. But imagine can you construct these same shapes without using a line segment? No!!! It is certainly not possible to draw these shapes without a line segment. Line segment in itself is an interesting as well as important thing for constructing shapes. Here we will learn how to draw a line segment on a line using different ways. 

Note that we can measure the length of a line segment either in metric units such as meters, millimeters, centimeters, or traditional units like inches or feets.

Methods To Construct a Line Segment of a Given Length

We can construct a line segment of any length by following two methods. The two methods are :

  • Construction of a Line Segment Using Ruler

  • Construction of Line segment using ruler and compass

Let us understand these two methods in detail below:

Construction of a Line Segment of Length Using a Ruler

Suppose, we have to draw a line segment of length 5 cm. The simplest method to construct a line segment of 5 cm is by using a ruler. Using ruler, we will mark two points which are at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Then, we will name those points as A and B and join them. By joining the two points i.e. A and B, we will get a line segment AB of length 5 cm.

However, it should be noted that if we do not look straight down at the ruler while constructing a line segment, we might end up with an incorrect distance. A more accurate method of constructing line segments of length 5 cm  is described below.

Construction  of  Line Segment Using a Ruler and a Compass

Following are the steps of construction which we have to follow if we are asked to construct a line segment of 5 CM

  1. Draw a line of any length. Mark a point A on the line, which can be considered as the initial point of the line segment.

  2. As we have to draw the line segment of 5 cm, we can measure 7cm using ruler and compass.

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  1. Place the pointer of the compass at A and draw an arc of 5 cm on the line which you have drawn in step 1 with the pencil.

[Image will be Uploaded Soon]

  1. Mark the point B, where the arc and the line intersect each other.

  2. Hence, you will get the  line segment AB of length 5 cm.

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How Do We Distinguish a Line Segment From a Line?

A line is what we as a long, stretched out, straight mark on a surface which is illustrated by an arrow at each end depicting that it extends in two directions, unendingly. On the other hand, a line segment refers to a section of something, which means a section or portion of the line, has distinct starting and end.

Key Facts About Line Segment

  • A line segment is composed of two words i.e. line and segment.

  • The line has its origin from Latin, Old French and Old English. This implies that the term series and segment that emerges from Latin Segmentum means strip, a section cut off, or segment of earth.

Quiz Time On How To Draw A Line Segment

Question 1: For the Purpose of Drawing a Line Segment of a Given Length, Which of the Given Pairs of Tools are Required?

  1. Ruler and Compass

  2. Ruler and Protractor

  3. Protractor and Divider

  4. Compass and Divider

Answer: Option A. Ruler and Compass are used to draw a line segment.

Question 2: If MN is the Perpendicular Bisector of XY then MN Divides XY in What Ratio?

  1. 1: 1

  2. 1: 2

  3. 1: 4

  4. 2: 1

Answer: Option A. It is because that the perpendicular bisector divides the segment into 2 equal parts always. Therefore, MN divides XY in the ratio 1: 1

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do We Have Any Real Life Examples of a Line Segment?

Answer: Edges of a ruler, edges of a paper, sides of a polygon, are all examples of a line segment that you will encounter in daily life.

2. How Do We Write a Line Segment Mathematically?

Answer: We can write a line segment using the alphabetical letters for each of the endpoints and a line over the top of the letters. E.g. if the end point(s) were X and Y, then we can write the line segment XY with a line over the top.

3. Are Line Segments and Rays Similar?

Answer: No. Usually, a line segment is a line that consists of two endpoints. Moreover, it consists of these endpoints and all the other points of the line between them. Also, we can measure the length of a line segment, but not of a line. However, a ray is a part of a line that consists of only one endpoint and goes on endlessly in only one direction.

Q4. What are the Types of Line Segments?

Answer: There are mainly 3 types of line segments namely:

  • Intersecting lines

  • Parallel lines

  • Perpendicular lines.