Census Meaning

You might wonder: What is census? The Census definition is the way to gather and make a record of information about the population. The expected period for which it takes place is every new coming year. In simple words, it is the way of making a total population count with the help of the survey. Census is used for statistical purposes and is collected every year for planning purposes. Suppose, someone wants to conduct a study of the family members, along with the certain information acquired for each member:

  • Age

  • Job Information

  • Qualification of the person

  • Socioeconomic details of each person

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These analyses are essential for business marketing, research, and planning.

What are the Different Ways of Performing Census Data Collection?

For the first time, when data is collected, different computations are made on the population calculation along with their educational details, job, qualifications, etc. After that, the entire population results are formulated with conclusions derived.

One part of the survey conducted is known as the sample. Some of the units represent the entire field, and the conclusions of this small unit are further extrapolated to the complete study. It is the way you prepare a statistical list for the population count.

What are Census Records?

Census Record is the final report prepared after a complete survey on the population. It will define people living in a particular area, state, job, qualification, and their earnings. With this record, you can further find the name of a person with his area of residence. The first Federal Census took place in 1790.

The entire data collected has helped the government to take several steps for the welfare of the people. It helps them to make improvements in the educational system, helping illiterate people get access to education facilities, planning budgets for the coming years, to create new and better opportunities for jobs, and working to the poor and unemployed people.

What do Census Records Define?

Records have been the building blocks for performing research with the collection and analysis of relevant information. Below are the details calculated for census from each house:

  • Name of the total family members

  • Age at a particular time

  • State

  • Birthplace of parents

  • Complete address

  • Marriage status

  • Their occupation

  • Qualification

These are all critical points to be examined from each person so as to prepare a proper record for future considerations for a particular age group.

Why is it Essential to Conduct the Census?

Census is performed for many reasons and it helps the government in various sectors:

  • The federal government uses this record to allocate funds in the various programs and services including for housing, education, health care, and development.

  • Local, tribal, and state governments use this recorded information for fund allocation to the school's construction, safety, libraries, and public transportation. Also, they allocate funds for building new roads. These governments also invest in fire departments, infrastructure, and other projects too.

  • For community organizations, the census is even more important for child care centers, lunch programs, service programs, and to invest in other community action projects. 

What are the Census Methods?

There are many methods through which census data is collected and analyzed. The working of practice gets divided into below-listed phases:

To perform a complete survey, there are four important steps to carry:

  • Creating the Question: 

Create different questions to ask and get the right information from the people during the census like how many people live in their house, their favorite items, and their qualifications, etc. 

  • Asking Questions:

Ask the prepared questions in the right manner. Be random while asking different questions. You have to choose the right population subset to ask the questions too. For choosing, you can use sampling, that is, use a certain subset and extrapolate the findings to a larger population.

  • Tally the Results:

Tally is to perform all the paperwork and computer work and form different categories for different people’s interests. You can use simple tally marks.

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  • Presenting Results:

The presentation can be in any form either is a graphical form or in the tabular form. You can even show results in the form of statistics. The graphical representation consists of bar graphs, pie charts, bar lines, and much more. These are all known as data graphs for representing data. 

What is the Difference Between Census Method and Sampling Method?

Census Method

Sampling Method

In the Census method, it is a systematic way of collecting and recording the data.

Sampling Method is a group of the population representing the whole group.

The Census process is quite time consuming as the person has to deal with each and every detail of the population manually. 

Sampling Method is economical as a group characteristics are defined by a certain representing population.

Census Method is most reliable as you get clear and accurate information to keep in records.

Sampling Method can be accurate or not it all depends upon the margin of error occurrence.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are Census Tracts?

Census Tracts define the small areas used for making a statistical division between big and adjacent cities. Census Tracts are uniform for making divisions based on characteristics, economic status, and the living conditions of different people. These are the best representation for the small entity with varying data of population from different regions. It is used to represent a homogeneous group of entities.

It is very easy to detect the details of small administrative areas with the help of this technology. In recent years the quality of this method has improved. It has provided an advantage to the population of small areas. It also helps in the planning processes.

2. What is the Meaning of Population Census?

The population census aims to detect the information regarding the population of the universe. The report includes the age, status, education, occupation, gender, activity, size, transport preference, profession, and activities of the household. This information was beneficial in knowing the interest of the population. This method helps to evaluate the implementation of the infrastructure on the national and social levels. The demographic and socioeconomic information gets easily collected with the use of this survey. This process is long and can take some weeks to collect relevant information.