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Geometrical Designs

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Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Geometrical Designs and Their Creative Side

Before we get to know what geometrical designs are, we should first know what geometrical shapes are. Look closely around yourself, you will be able to see geometrical shapes infused in your surrounding objects. They are literally everywhere!

Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical Shapes

Many of the other geometrical shapes such as trapezium, parallelogram, cube, octagon, pentagon, ellipse, diamond, etc are made up with the help of these basic shapes which are squire, rectangle, triangle, and circle.

Basic geometrical shapes

Basic Geometrical Shapes

What are Geometrical Designs?

Geometrical designs are designs formed by using basic shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, etc to make patterns that look artistic and creative.

Geometrical designs in a square

Geometrical Designs in a Square

If you look closely, then you will be able to see the geometrical design in a square made up of so many sizes of squares inside one. It indeed looks very eye-catching and beautiful, isn't it?

Geometrical Designs and Patterns in Indian Monuments

Did you know geometrical designs and geometrical patterns were used in Islamic art back in the olden days? In Islamic art, geometrical patterns were combined and arranged in such a way that they looked one of a kind and unique.

Geometrical art came into India during the Mughal period and it's quite obvious if we look at their buildings which were constructed in those times by very skilled laborers who had fine knowledge about patterns and how to carve designs on the walls, floors, pillars, windows, etc.

Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar have universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage and if you look at them, you will notice how beautifully the designs were made by using geometrical knowledge.

Geometrical designs on Taj Mahal

Geometrical Designs on Taj Mahal

Geometrical designs on Qutub Minar

Geometrical Designs on Qutub Minar

Things to Remember

Simple terminologies to remember before we learn how to design.

  1. Circle: It is a polygon where all points on the circumference have an equal distance from the center.

  • Diameter: Any line which passes through the center of the circle which equally makes 2 halves of the circle.

  • Radius: Any line which connects the center and the circumference of the circle. Basically half of what diameter is.

  • Tangent: Only one point where the line just touches the circle from outside.

  • Chord: A line that does not pass through the center of the circle and connects two points on the circumference.

  1. Triangle

Triangle is a polygon that has only 3 straight sides. The total sum of all the angles is always 1800.

  • Acute Angle: An acute angle is an angle that is smaller than 900.

  • Obtuse Angle: An obtuse angle is an angle that is bigger than 900

  • Right Angle: Angle which is exactly 900 and it can be denoted with the help of a squire marked inside.

  1. Quadrilaterals

  • Any closed shape which has 4 straight sides.

  • Squire, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, and kite are a few examples of quadrilaterals. The total sum of the angles is always 360º.

How to Draw Geometrical Designs?

Well, drawing geometrical designs is not a big deal unless you have a creative mind and if you aren't creative, then there is no need to worry because we will be learning some of the easiest geometrical designs and patterns using geometrical shapes.

Following are some examples of easy geometrical designs.

Solved Examples:-

Example 1. Easy geometrical design using circles, diamonds, and squires

Complete the pattern in example 1

Complete Pattern in Example 1


Solution of pattern used in example 1

Solution of Pattern used in Example 1

Example 2. Easy geometrical design using rectangle and parallelogram

Complete the pattern in example 2

Complete Pattern in Example 2


Solution of pattern used in example 2

Solution of Pattern used in Example 2

Example 3. Easy geometrical design using triangles and ellipses.

Complete the pattern in example 3

Complete Pattern in Example 3


Solution of pattern used in example 3

Solution of Pattern Used in Example 3


Geometrical design is a very fun and creative way of mixing different shapes, lines, and curves together to create a unique and beautiful design. These designs are used in places such as in tattoos, interior designing of a house, wallpapers, jewelry, printing on clothes, etc.

Geometrical designs and shapes are majorly used by architects in order to draft detailed plans. Engineers strongly rely on geometrical principles to create or construct safely. For a fine drawing, geometrical knowledge is a must.

FAQs on Geometrical Designs

1. Is an arch a geometric shape? 

No, an arch is not considered to be a geometrical shape because geometrical shapes are basically those which are closed figures and are of any dimension.  Arc is basically a part of a circle or part of the circle’s circumference.  It is just a curved line that has two ending points and is not a closed figure therefore it's not a geometrical shape.  It can be equally used to make geometrical designs because the intersecting point of two arcs is considered to be the actual point. 

2. What are geometric prints? 

Geometric prints are basically abstract-looking patterns where shapes, pictures, and a few other elements are repeated over and again to make a design that is printable on any surface or can be painted as well.  You might have seen these kinds of designs printed on t-shirts or any clothing material, on ceramic utensils, wallpapers, used for interior designing, stickers, etc.  These designs are mostly created on designing software that allows one to create and then change the geometric constructions.