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Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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Top Algebra Apps

Many children suffer in Algebra during their maths class, and that is the reason for concern for many parents. Lots of children ask their parents about other ways to learn Algebra, and that’s why we came up with the best algebra app for your kids to learn this tricky side of mathematics.

The word Algebra comes from Aj Jabar, which means the reunion of broken parts. Algebra is any question-answer that you can find in mathematics. Both letters and symbols are used to represent the formula. A simple example to understand what algebra is taking X + 9 = 11. It is easy to find out the value of x, and it will come out to be 2. However, in reality, Algebra gets far more complicated than addition and subtraction. 

Why is Algebra Important?

Many people have this question: Why is Algebra important and how it can help them as they complete their education? Well, the answer is, in lots of ways. Algebra has become a part of our life. Given below, we have discussed various real-life scenarios and working fields where algebra is vital in decision-making and saves the day.

In the early stage of life, a kid without knowing much about algebra starts to use algebra to calculate the trajectories by accessing an object's direction. Also, he can guess the position where the object will land at the end.

When it comes to business, Algebra is quite essential. The calculations of profit and loss can only be done by using the concepts of algebra and numbers. In addition to this, a business owner needs to find out the lowest price on which he can profit while keeping in mind all the expenses for which he needs to pay money every month. As a result, good knowledge of algebra is vital in running a business successfully. 

Cooking is another field where you use algebra daily. Yes, algebra has found its way into your kitchen. The newcomers in the kitchen often go with the recipe books for cooking a new dish. The temperature that you see in the recipe can be in Fahrenheit, and your oven only works in celsius. You need to convert it using the algebraic equation. 

Benefits of Algebra Apps For Android

Having these math apps for algebra problem solving can help your kid understand all the concepts in much less time and will help them enjoy learning as they solve questions.

In addition to this, your child can ask questions anytime he wants to the teacher who’s teaching and raise an issue if he’s unable to solve the problem. 

Your kid doesn’t have to rely on the school teacher or on you to learn the concepts. They can learn what they want at any time of the day. 

All the necessary study material is provided to your kid from the app, so they don’t have to download anything else on mobile phones or tablets. The app's latest updates will help you kids grasp the concepts more efficiently with better UI and easy navigation. 

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(A student trying to solve Algebraic equation.)

This algebra help app has its separate customer care centres where you can call and resolve problems in no time. The algebra apps for android are a great way to learn not just algebra but the whole of mathematics. These apps come with class-wise, topic-wise, and chapter-wise sections so the kid can quickly jump from one concept to others after completing it. 

One of the best apps to learn algebra from mobile devices is Vedantu, which provides LIVE Sessions and one-to-one student-teacher teaching, giving each student ample time to ask a question to teachers. 

FAQs on Algebra App

1. Where do we need Algebra in real life?

There are many real-life events in which algebra plays a vital role in processing the information required to complete the task. The very common usage of algebra is in repairing and remodelling of homes as it requires the knowledge of the numbers.

The basics of algebra and numbers will give up an upper hand in determining the amount of particular material required to get the desired work completed in time. In addition to this, electricians also need to understand the importance of algebra. This knowledge will help them find out the number of circuits they want to buy to get the electric work done in the offices and homes.

2. Why are letters used in algebra?

A lot of people have this misconception that Algebra and equations are beyond their learning ability. The thought of working with equations can fill a student’s mind with fear. The letters are used to replace some of the numbers representing numerical expressions. It is often too complicated and challenging to understand if inserted in the equation. The letters are used to generalize the use of specific numbers. They can also be used when you know the values in some part of the equation and want to find out the rest of the part. 

Moreover, there is no magic in using just ‘x’ or (x); they both represent the same thing. Also, you can use any letter you want and in any sequence, like (a)(x). Still, most of the time, mathematicians use corresponding letters to make things easy for them.