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Perimeter of Shapes

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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What is Perimeter?

In geometry, the term Perimeter refers to the path that circumscribes a two-dimensional shape. However, in one-dimension, it can either be used for the path or its length. The word perimeter has its roots in Greek and has been framed by conjoining two Greek words peri (around) and metron (measure). Perimeter is the length of an outline of a shape; calculation of a distance around something or some object. The Perimeter is measured in either centimetre (cm) or meter (m).

A two–dimensional figure points to any shape which lies on a surface and has length and breadth but has no depth. Similarly, one-dimensional figures refer to lines that lie in one plane. 

Each polygon is a two-dimensional figure which lies on a flat surface. Polygons are plane shapes two dimensional that have straight sides. In mathematics, each figure or mathematical model is obtained from objects in real-world that have similar geometric properties. 

The Perimeter of Different Shapes Formulas

With changing shape, formulas of mathematical figures also vary. To help students understand the Perimeter of different shapes formulas more broadly, a list is provided below that answers the question of different shapes.

What is the Perimeter of a Rectangle?

In geometry, a rectangle is a two-dimensional shape which has four sides and four corners. The formula to find the perimeter of a rectangle is described below,

Perimeter of a rectangle=sum of all four sides.

Therefore, perimeter of the given rectangle is 

=Length + breadth + length + breadth


Also, perimeter of a rectangle=2x (length + breadth)=2x10=20

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What is the Perimeter of a Triangle?

A triangle is a three-sided polygon that has three vertices. The process of finding the Perimeter of a triangle is shown below, 

Perimeter of a triangle = a+b+c

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What is the Perimeter of a Square?

In geometry, a square is a polygon that has four equal sides and four equal angles. Below is described the formula of finding the Perimeter of a square.

Perimeter of a square= sum of all four sides

=a +a + a + a


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What is the Perimeter of a Circle?

In geometry, a circle is a shape whose all points lie on the same plane at an equal distance from the centre point. The Perimeter of the circle is known as the circumference. The formula to find out the circumference of a circle is discussed below,

Circumference of a circle =2πxr

Here, r refers to the radius. Radius is the distance from the centre to any point on the circle’s edge.

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What is the Perimeter of Rhombus?

Rhombus is a polygon which has four equal and four angles which are not 90°. It is often called a diamond or diamond-shaped object. The Perimeter of a rhombus is shown below, 

Perimeter of a rhombus (P) = 4 X S

Here, S refers to the length of the side of the rhombus.

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What is the Perimeter of Quadrilateral?

In geometry, quadrilateral refers to any flat shape that has parallel opposite sides which are equal in length. The formula of the Perimeter of Quadrilateral is described below,

Perimeter of Quadrilateral= a + b +c + d.

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What is the Perimeter of Parallelogram?

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral that has both pairs of opposite parallel sides. The formula of the Perimeter of described below,

Perimeter of Parallelogram (P)= 2(PQ+ PS)

=2 x (10+6)



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FAQs on Perimeter of Shapes

1. What are the Perimeters and Areas?

Ans. In mathematics, Perimeter and area are the two essential topics. They help to measure the physical space and also contribute to a more advanced mathematical base found in trigonometry, algebra, calculus. 

Perimeter points to the total boundary of two-dimensional shapes. The units are measured in centimetre(cm) or meter(m) etc.

Area refers to the total surface a shape covers. It is measured in square units.

2. How Do You Find the Perimeter of a Pentagon?

Ans. In geometry, a pentagon is a polygon which has five sides and five angles. The term pentagon is generated by joining two words, namely ‘Penta’ and ‘Gonia’ which means five angles. Depending on the sides, angles and vertices, there are different type pentagons such as regular and irregular pentagon; concave and convex pentagon etc. All the sides of a regular pentagon are equal and have equal five angles. Therefore, the formula of finding the Perimeter of a regular pentagon is 5 x (the length of the regular pentagon). So, if the side of the pentagon is a. Then, P=5a units.

3. Which Shape Has the Most Area?

Ans. Of all the two-dimensional objects, a circle has the largest area that has the same Perimeter. A cyclic polygon that has been carved in a circle comprises the largest area of any polygon with a provided number of sides having the same length.