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The Gorilla Story – Finding Happiness in Things That One Has

Last updated date: 24th Mar 2023
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How often do you wish you had things that would make you a part of a certain group? Don’t you wish you had a pair of new sneakers that would match the ones your friends have? Don’t you wish you had a shiny pencil bag to show off to your friends at school? It is very common to think like this, and very often, we want to own things just to be accepted in a certain group or community. Let us read this interesting gorilla story and try to figure out what’s cooking in the jungle!

The Story of Gorilla Grey

Once upon a time, there was a jungle that was buzzing with life. Numerous animals roamed the jungle and they were very unique in themselves. The inside of the jungle was dark and the sun rays didn’t enter there. There was a constant aroma spread throughout the jungle and the scent from the flowers captivated all. Everyone was happy and joyful in this jungle, and everyone looked up to one animal, Gorilla Grey. 

Grey gorilla

Grey gorilla

Gorilla Grey was an alpha male in the jungle, who was fascinating in every aspect. His shining coat of dense grey hair, his eyes as big as a pond, his rumbling road, and his thunderous chest beating, everything about him was bold and amazing. 

One day, Gorilla Grey, who was very proud of his grey matter, decided to try on a pair of grey briefs to complement his grey body. Seeing this, all the other animals were very amazed. Soon, they all decided to do the same. Hopping Rabbit decided to get himself a frilled undergarment so that it would fly when he hopped. Proud Peacock decided to have a dazzling and sparkling undergarment. The trend was spreading like wildfire. 

Animals wearing colourful undergarments

Animals wearing colourful undergarments

One fine day, Laborious Ant came across Jolly Elephant, who didn’t seem very jolly that day. The ant showed him her gleaming undergarment and asked him where his undergarment was. To this, Jolly Elephant replied that he did not find one that would fit him. Jolly Elephant was very sad when he met Gorilla Grey. The gorilla asked him why he was sad. After listening to Jolly Elephant’s story, he was very angry at his own invention. He was mad that his idea caused sadness in one of his animal friends. 

So, Gorilla Grey decided to take his grey underwear off and throw it away. Looking at him do this, all the other animals did the same. Everyone was happy to get rid of this unnecessary trend and so was Jolly Elephant!


It is easy to fall prey to peer pressure and new trends. However, loving and caring for what we all already have and accepting the uniqueness in all of us is what makes the world a diverse and beautiful place. Like the animals in the jungle, humans should also learn from the story and keep this thought in mind every moment of our lives.

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FAQs on The Gorilla Story – Finding Happiness in Things That One Has

1. Why was Jolly Elephant sad?

Jolly Elephant wanted to be a part of the group of animals who were wearing undergarments matching their personalities. But he did not find one in his size. This made him really sad and was upset for not being accepted in the trendy community.

2. Why did Gorilla Grey throw away his undergarment?

Gorilla Grey was the alpha in the jungle. All the animals looked up to him. He realised that it was his responsibility to keep everyone happy and smiling. He was very proud of his innovation and the grey colour, but the happiness of the animals mattered more to him than his wish to wear grey undergarments. So, he decided to break the trend of wearing undergarments matching one’s personality.