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The Three Wishes of the Woodcutter

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Moral Stories for Kids: The Three Wishes of the Woodcutter

How many times have you imagined if you had a magic lamp whose genie granted you three wishes or a fairy who would magically present you with three things you wished for? You must have heard your elders say that we should try to be satisfied with what we have and work hard for what we want. It is true that greediness is not a good virtue. In wanting more and more, we forget that we should value what we possess. In this context, let’s read a story about a woodcutter and his three wishes.

In the Forest

A woodcutter and his wife lived near a forest. Although the woodcutter was poor, he was happy and hardworking. One day, he went into the forest to cut a few trees for firewood. As soon as he was about to strike a tree with his axe, a voice called out to him, “Please help me, kind man!” The woodcutter looked around to see who it was. He realised that the voice came from underneath a fallen tree. He bent down to see who it was and discovered a tiny fairy stuck under the tree.

The fairy said, “My wings are stuck here, I cannot fly. Please help me!” Though the woodcutter agreed to help, he didn’t know what to do because the tree was too heavy for him to even move an inch. However, the tiny fairy guided him and he followed her instructions. Soon the fairy’s wings were freed and she could fly again. She thanked the woodcutter and promised him a gift in return. The fairy said, “I will give you three wishes. Go home and wish for whatever you desire. It will be fulfilled.” The woodcutter was very happy when he heard the fairy’s words. He rushed towards home.

The Fairy Granting Three Wishes to the Woodcutter

The Fairy Granting Three Wishes to the Woodcutter

At Home

Once the woodcutter was home, he asked his wife to cook him a meal as he was very hungry and then he would reveal a surprise to her. The wife mentioned that they only had some soup and wished for some sausages. Suddenly, the sausages appeared on the dining table. The woodcutter told his wife that the fairy had granted them three wishes and now that his wife wished for sausages, they only have two left. The woodcutter angrily said, “I wish these sausages got into your nose and remained stuck in it.” His wish was granted and the wife indeed had sausages stuck in her nose. The woodcutter started laughing on seeing her nose but his wife regretted, “See now we have both wasted a wish each and we just have one wish left.” 

The Woodcutter’s Wife With Sausages Stuck in Her Nose

The Woodcutter’s Wife With Sausages Stuck in Her Nose

The wife rebuked the woodcutter, “Stop laughing and help me get these sausages out of my nose. It hurts!” But no matter how hard the woodcutter and his wife tried, the sausages would not come out. The woodcutter wanted a big house and lots of food through his last wish but he loved his wife more and realised that they had no choice. He said, “I guess I’ll have to make our last wish to relieve you. We have no other option. I can’t let you be like this forever.” And so he wished for the sausages to be out of her nose. The wish came true and his wife was much relieved. The woodcutter’s wife thanked him for caring and thinking about her. They both realised that they were happy with whatever they already had and did not require the three wishes any longer. They promised to work harder and make a big house through their efforts.


So you see dear kids! Whether you get three wishes or not you must always love and care for your near and dear ones. It is important to value the things that you already possess and work hard for the things you most desire. There is no shortcut to being successful. Only sincere efforts and respect for all will help one become a better person. If you enjoyed reading the three wishes story, you can visit our website for similar poems and fairy tales.

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FAQs on The Three Wishes of the Woodcutter

1. What did the tiny fairy tell the woodcutter when he helped her out?

When the woodcutter helped the tiny fairy free her wings from underneath the fallen tree, she thanked him and granted him three wishes as a gift in return. She asked the woodcutter to return home and wish for any three things and she would grant them to him. 

2. What did the woodcutter and his wife realise at the end of the story when all their wishes got wasted?

When the woodcutter and his wife wasted all the three wishes that the fairy had granted to the woodcutter, they realised that they were and could be happier without those wishes. They loved and cared for each other and vowed to work harder to fulfil their dream of a big house.